Lucca Comics & Games 2021, the return of the most awaited event

Lucca Comics & Games 2021, the return of the most awaited event

Lucca Comics & Games 2021

Lucca Comics & Games is back, for the first time in physical version after the Covid 19 pandemic, which in fact blocked, or almost, the previous editions. Only nine days separate us from this new edition in attendance, which will be held from 29 October to 1 November next, and which marks, with due caution, the return of the event to normalcy.

However, it will not be an event as we are used to knowing it, but a more "light" and agile version, which embraces the transition to new models of cultural entertainment and which brings to its public, both in the city and online, on the Rai oe in Campfires, the best of the fantastic universes that have always been the basis of this event, that is comics, games, storytelling and contemporary mythologies, accompanied as always by the representative stands of the industries that decide to bet on this type of entertainment.

At geekinco Italia Pop Culture, we have the honor of being Streaming Media Partner of the event, whose events you can follow directly from our Twitch channel, in order not to lose rsi the salient moments of the entire event.

There will be many events announced for this (strange) edition of Lucca Comics & Games: Signing exclusive copies and meetings with the authors of the major titles in the field of comics, both forthcoming that in anticipation, spaces for discussion and live practice for the painting of miniatures intended, in addition to collecting, also for role-playing games and wargames, meetings and projections regarding new releases in the cinema, such as Ghostbusters: Legacy, or concerning TV series, starting with The Witcher and ending with the major titles scheduled on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney +.

* Then, obviously there will also be ample space for the world of cosplay, the videogame industry and board and role-playing games, as well as all the other classic themes (collecting, anime, manga, etc.) so dear to the geekinco Cultura Pop audience, that we remind you, once again, it will be Streaming Media Partner of the event.

Comic Book Artists Join The Masters In Italy's Prestigious Uffizi Gallery

Self-portraits by Italian comic book artists will soon enter the Uffizi Gallery collection.


The Uffizi Gallery in Florence has announced that self-portraits from Italian comic book artists are soon to enter its hallowed walls. The works by 52 different artists will use a variety of techniques, formats and styles. They will initially be exhibited at the Lucca Comics & Games Festival, one of the most important comic events in the world. The self-portraits will then be transferred to the Uffizi. 

Italy's Uffizi Gallery contains a world-renowned collection of artworks by masters from Botticelli to Michelangelo. It is also home to a number of important artist self-portraits by famous artists like Raphael and Rembrandt.  

Soon, a collection of self-portraits by Italy's leading comic book artists will enter the lauded museum, the first time an initiative like this has been attempted. 

Two of the self-portraits by leading comic book artists.

Uffizi Gallery and Lucca Comics

The project is a collaboration between the Uffizi and Lucca Crea, in a push to bring more visibility to the art of comic books. 

It is also part of Uffizi Gallery director Eike Schmidt's drive to encourage a wider and younger audience into the historic institution. 

'With this unprecedented, innovative alliance between the Uffizi and Lucca Comics, [...] the goal is to reiterate a key concept: culture is pop and to effectively reach as many people as possible,' Schmidt said in a statement. 

The poster for the exhibition Comics in the Museums

Uffizi Gallery

Italy's Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini also praised the initiative. 'This new fund is an important innovation for the Italian contemporary art scene: the Uffizi this becomes one of the first museums of classical art to bet on the vitality and creative force of the ninth art,' Franceschini said. 

This is not the first time Schmidt has opened up the historic establishment to radically modern approaches. The director invited Italian Instagram star Chiara Ferragni to visit the collection, generating a notable spike in young visitors. The museum also has an account on TikTok where it has gained 88 thousand followers thanks to its comic, irreverent content. 

It is clear this is another stage in Schmidt's model for revitalizing the Uffizi. 'I am convinced that it will give rise to great results and be the forerunner to many other 'crossovers' that will best fruit in terms of ideas, creativity and inspiration for the future,' the director said.