Splatoon 3, new artwork of the Nintendo Switch game for Halloween

Splatoon 3, new artwork of the Nintendo Switch game for Halloween

Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3, the artwork of Halloween Splatoon 3 returns to show itself with a valuable artwork created by the development team of the game to celebrate Halloween. A stylish image, which portrays the main characters intent on observing us in the dark. Trick or treat?

A few days after the Splatoon trailer at Nintendo Direct, a further opportunity arises to take stock of the awaited third installment of the series, one of the most interesting new intellectual properties of the house. Kyoto.

The game, out in 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch, will include new scenarios and new weapons, as well as the announced return of the mysterious Mammiferians in a special mode.

Get ready to discover Splattonia, a sunny desert inhabited by veterans of a thousand battles Inkling and Octoling. Splatville, the city of chaos, is the beating heart of these dusty wastes.

Even in this desolate region, shellfish melee reigns supreme and battles unfold in new levels that dot the arid landscape, such as the majestic Grank Canyon.

With all-new moves, a new bow-shaped weapon, and never-before-seen special weapons such as the armed crab, fighters can dodge attacks and smear larger surfaces.

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Nintendo Teases Splatoon 3 (Again) With Halloween Art

Splatoon 3Image: Nintendo

The Splatoon 3 timeline so far: It was announced in February, teased again in Summer, teased again in September's Direct, and then we got a bunch of nice images to look at. All we know beyond that is the game's vague 2022 release window, and although it's almost 2022 right now, we've likely still got a while to wait before the next instalment of the ink-based multiplayer shooter.

To celebrate Halloween, and Splatoon 3, Nintendo has released this lovely artwork — and now, to pore over it for easter eggs and hints at what's to come:

Splatoon 3Image: Nintendo

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