Our Next Energy features a 1200km range hybrid battery

Our Next Energy features a 1200km range hybrid battery

Our Next Energy is an American startup that is working on the development of a new type of hybrid battery dedicated to electric cars, which according to preliminary information should be able to provide up to 1200 km of autonomy on a single charge.

The work of Our Next Energy seems to be at a sufficiently advanced stage to attract major investors: in a recent round of funding, the company was able to raise a whopping 25 million dollars thanks to the support of prominent figures such as Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and to investment funds such as BMW i Ventures.

The first technical information given on the battery tuned by Our Next Energy looks promising: the hybrid battery tuned would actually consist of 2 different batteries, one of which is dedicated to short daily trips and one to be used on long journeys. Aries and Gemini, this is the name of the two batteries that make up the package, differ both in the structure and in the chemical components used, and each is designed to perform its specific task.

Our Next Energy CEO, Mujeeb Ijaz said he was very satisfied with the funds raised during the last round of funding: “An important economic support like the one we have received will allow us to work with a long-term perspective. We want to design and bring to market technologies capable of revolutionizing electric mobility, taking it to another level. We already have something very concrete in our hands, and the funds raised prove it. "

The future of Our Next Energy is still in the making, but the path we have taken seems to be the right one, so much so that the company has announced that it has already received an order for a supply of batteries for a period of 5 years, even if for the moment the name of the buyer has not been revealed.