Apple, the 25 euro cloth: there is the iFixit teardown, bad news on repairability

Apple, the 25 euro cloth: there is the iFixit teardown, bad news on repairability

Apple, the 25 euro cloth

Apple caused a sensation with its 25 euro cloth to clean the screens and even a notoriously serious newspaper like iFixit has decided to joke about it by carrying out one of its classic teardowns also on this precious piece of cloth, however, detecting some bad news regarding its repairability.

As we have seen, with the launch of the recent Macs, Apple is selling a $ 25 cloth to clean screens. Despite the fact that it is rather funny, the piece of cloth in question is selling like hot cakes, so much so that it is sold out just a few hours after its launch on the Apple Store, thus fueling the myth.

iFixit has given us its , making an accurate teardown even of the cloth, at the end of a boring examination on the new MacBook Pro.

Scrolling quickly to the bottom of the computer disassembly, we come to the most interesting part: in the "one more thing" section, just to stay on the subject of historical references, the site has carried out a technical disassembly of the cloth.

It turns out that these are actually two cloths glued together (so you should know that the purchase is practically double) and that the material used is similar to the Alcantara to the touch. The problem is that it gets a nice 0 out of 10 in terms of repairability, because it cannot be reassembled after being taken apart.

Seriously, the analysis of the MacBook Pro is also very interesting and reveals a score rather low in terms of repairability even for the computer with a 4 out of 10, because despite the progress made (removable battery, as well as several other screen components and various devices) the disassembly remains an extremely complex operation and the memory, even as far as the SSD archive is concerned, it is not replaceable.

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Apple is selling a piece of cloth for $19

How Apple shows its new "Polishing Cloth" on its website.Apple's new 'Polishing Cloth' as shown on its website.
  • Apple unveiled some new products at its hardware event on Monday.
  • Among them is a $19 'Polishing Cloth.'
  • Apple says it 'cleans any Apple display' and is compatible with loads of other Apple products.
  • Apple introduced a host of new products at its hardware event on Monday, including a $19 'Polishing Cloth.'

    Here how it described the cloth on its website: 'Made with soft, nonabrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.'

    It doesn't specify what material the cloth is made of.

    And it kept its 'What's in the Box' description simple: 'Polishing Cloth.'

    The "Product Information" for the new cloth.The 'Product Information' for the new cloth.

    And here's just a partial list of Apple products that the company says the cloth works with:

    A long list from AppleThe long list showing just some of the Apple products the cloth works with.

    Apple unveiled some fan-favorite features at its event, including the reintroduction of MagSafe.

    But it was the cloth that caught many social media users' attention. One noticed that it was also compatible with the iPod shuffle, which has no screen: