Deathloop PS5 on Amazon is on offer at the lowest price ever

Deathloop PS5 on Amazon is on offer at the lowest price ever

Deathloop, the extraordinary PS5 exclusive developed by Arkane Studios, is available on Amazon on offer at the lowest price ever, both in the standard edition and in the Deluxe Edition.

Amazon Deathloop Offer - Amazon.It Exclusive (with Metal Poster) - Exclusive- Playstation 5 € 74.99 € 49.99

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Offer Amazon Deathloop - Deluxe Edition (PS5) € 89.99 € 59.99

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This is clearly a bargain not to be missed, considering Deathloop's enthusiastic votes from the international press, which describes the game as a real gem. By the way, have you read our review of Deathloop?

Trapped on a mysterious island under the command of Colt, an infallible hitman, we will have to shed light on the time loop that forces us to always relive the same day and watch the back from the attack of Julianna, an assassin someone has commissioned to eliminate us.

The final result is an experience characterized by many original gimmicks, by very well written characters and by a gameplay that puts first freedom of action, allowing us to achieve our goals in the way we prefer.

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