No Man's Sky: giant worms squint at Dune

No Man's Sky: giant worms squint at Dune

No Man's Sky

If you haven't seen Denis Villenueve's Dune yet or would simply like to have a similar experience back, wait for the next update to No Man's Sky, the popular space video game from Hello Games, because it looks like the game's giant worms are about to undergo a makeover at theme!

The new update of Hello Games' exploratory simulation, a game that is constantly expanding, will introduce a new Expedition titled Emergence, the first of this mode to feature narrative elements. This fourth expedition into the procedural universe of No Man's Sky will land on players' platforms around Halloween: “All over the universe, planets have been ravaged by the activity of the Titan Worms. These colossal sandworms streak the deserts, obscure the sun as they pass overhead, and contaminate the ground itself with their cursed dust. "

No Man's Sky Expedition 4: Emergence will take players primarily to Wasan, a barren planet infested with sandworms and ravaged by dust and sand storms. Here, players will try to defeat these titanic creatures and rid the planet of their cursed dust. So cryptically explains Hello Games on the official website: “Locate the impact sites of the Titan Worms, destroy the miserable Hungry Tendrils and collect the Vile Seed that accumulates behind you. The many-mouthed vessels must be purged! ”This sinister Halloween themed narrative will lead players to reveal an occult story.

No Man's Sky's new Expedition will come with an accompanying "mini-update" that will introduce more varieties of giant worms. Players will even be given the opportunity to tame some of them by feeding them, stroking them and riding them! This update comes after Frontiers which introduced outposts and editors dedicated to these places, all of which are always part of the game's redemption arc that since it came out with many bugs and little content, has entirely turned in its public favor and criticism with consistent and free improvements and updates.

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