Xbox Series X, a new dynamic wallpaper in the next update

Xbox Series X, a new dynamic wallpaper in the next update

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X and Series S have been out for several months now and users are able to play many great titles thanks to the huge Xbox Game Pass catalog. The Microsoft service, whose line-up continues to grow more and more with works of great depth also available at launch, has taken on an ever greater value over time, greatly increasing revenues for the Redmond house. Today we learn that the Xbox team is going to further pay homage to the Game Pass on next-generation consoles with a very interesting addition.

A firmware update for Xbox Series X has been released in the last few hours and Series S, currently available only for insider users, which adds a new dynamic background for the two platforms: it is a background dedicated to Xbox Game Pass, which is added to the others already available and exclusive for the two next consoles -gen. In addition to this novelty, the update also includes minor improvements to the stability and usability of the operating system, and fixes some audio and Edge bugs.

As we can see from the tweet below, the new dynamic theme shows the unique environment shown in many Xbox Game Pass images that changes color over time. For the moment, unfortunately, we have not found demonstration videos showing the process, but we can imagine that they will arrive in the next few hours. We don't even know for sure when this update will become available to all users, although it is very possible that it will arrive directly in the next few days.

Here is the new Game Pass themed dynamic background 👀 cYBKxTUXL3

- Idle Sloth (@ IdleSloth84) July 24, 2021

As always, we advise you to stay tuned to our pages so as not to miss any news about it. Moreover, do not forget that the Xbox Game Pass catalog has recently been updated with many new titles: already today there are works such as Cris Tales, Battlefield V, Raji: An Ancient Epic or Last Stop, while the Xbox version of Microsoft is on the way. Flight Simulator. Here you will find the complete list of games in the catalog.

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Xbox Series X Is Getting Its Own Version Of ‘Harvest Moon: One World’ Very Soon

Harvest Moon: One World

Credit: Natsume

Digital farmers on Xbox won’t feel left out for much longer.

Earlier today, publisher Natsume revealed that the latest entry in its popular grow-and-raise series, Harvest Moon: One World, will be coming to Microsoft’s ever-expanding family of consoles, including the Series X. Previously, the game was only available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Switch.

The entry price is $49.99. While all four existing DLC packs— including something obviously awesome called the ‘Mythical Wild Animals Pack’—will be available at launch, they won’t be included with the base game. Kind of disappointing, as I think it’s classy when companies include previously published content for free with later versions. Would have been a nice touch. Oh well.

Harvest Moon: One World

Credit: Natsume

Pre-orders are live right now on GameStop’s website with a listed release date of July 27, so maybe copies will begin to ship a little earlier than forecasted in press information.

One World’s premise is less localized than past entries and more about varied globetrotting, wherein you help reseed the planet after the Harvest Goddess skips town. I never got around to playing the PS4 or Switch versions, but it sounds like the perfect relaxing way to spend a lazy weekend. We all could use a little stress relief, I think.

Despite its rather mediocre Metacritic scores, I’m still hoping to finally give One World a go once it lands on Xbox later this summer.