Bloodborne would be ready to debut on PC! Clues pave the way

Bloodborne would be ready to debut on PC! Clues pave the way

With the arrival of more and more PlayStation exclusives on PC, players have been clamoring for the port of Bloodborne right away. There have been numerous rumors about a possible arrival on PC of the From Software title, but to date we have not yet had any official information on this highly requested port.

The hope of the players never dies, and just recently c 'is someone on the net who is adamant that Bloodborne would be very close to coming to PC as well. To declare it all was the well-known leaker Nick Shpeshal during the last episode of the Xbox Era podcast.

According to the leaker, there are several sources to declare that the port of Bloodborne for PC is ready, and therefore it is only a matter of time until we see the long-awaited official announcement.

In addition to this, the sources would also agree on the rumor concerning the working of a remastered and a sequel by Bluepoint Games. To date these statements still remain to be confirmed, but if the rumors have real foundations it should not be long before we see an official announcement regarding the arrival of the beloved From Software title on PC.

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