Five Things Fans Want in GTA 6


It was in 2013 that Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 was released. The game proved to be another massive hit, so GTA 6 was always going to be a certainty. Although there have been many updates to the current online multiplayer version, fans want something entirely new, so what about GTA 6?

When you have a successful franchise, it’s hard to keep it fresh. The need to come up with new ideas, rather than rehashing the past successes, will be important to the success of this new release when it eventually comes out on all formats. It’s expected to be one of the biggest Xbox games ever, for example.  What do players want to see in this new game? Let’s look at five that are on the wish list.

An impressive story

It’s been eight years since GTA 5 was released; that’s given Rockstar Games plenty of time to come up with something special. This kind of game isn’t just about driving cars fast (although players love that), but they want a good story to be told, too.

Anything that has a poor storyline just isn’t worth watching or playing. It just lets down everything else that is good in the game. Previous GTA releases have had great stories told, and that must continue. These games are almost like movies. In fact, the storyline can be better than some that have been in cinemas. Nothing less will satisfy those who purchase GTA 6.

Return of the maps

While it’s important not to rehash previous games, there is one element that players would love to see return in GTA 6. A key part of any GTA game is the maps that they contain. With five releases made so far, that gives the games plenty of iconic maps. One hope for GTA 6 is that some of the previous maps make a return.

GTA 6 may be based in another part of the US entirely (currently it’s Los Angeles) or even another country – Rio de Janeiro has been mentioned, for example. Hopefully, this new game will give players the opportunity to be able to revisit those older maps. A greatest hits collection is one way you could describe this. Plus, it saves having to dig out the old games to play the old locations.

Diamond Casino

A popular feature in GTA 5 online (the game has still not been released for the new PS5) is the Diamond Casino and Resort. It’s a luxurious venue to visit and offers the chance to win valuable prizes and grow your in-game currency. Now GTA 6 is on its way; the hope is that the game will see an updated version of the Diamond Casino or a new casino complex altogether.

Players may be enjoying what is currently on offer, but they will want to see something new in GTA 6. That will hopefully include more modern casino games to play and new slots. Game show style games are growing in popularity, so hopefully, some will be seen in GTA 6. If you visit a real online casino, you will see there are loads of different games to play, not just the few offered right now within GTA 5.

A customizable character

A lot has changed since GTA 5 was released. That’s what happens when there is plenty of time between one game release and the other. GTA 6 must move with the times and not just rely on the successes of the past. Players now want to buy a game that has a fully-customizable character. They want to be more involved with the game, with plenty of decisions to be made as the game progresses.

A player chooses a life path when the game begins, and whatever happens after that is based on that initial decision. Rockstar allowing GTA 6 to possess such a feature would be near the top of players’ wish list for this new game.

Improved fighting skills

It’s not all about shooting people in GTA games. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned punch up is enough to keep players entertained (maybe not that old-fashioned when baseball bats are involved.) There’s enough shooting in other games. GTA 5 didn’t provide too many opportunities for a fight.

Many players weren’t impressed with that aspect of GTA 5, so an improvement for the new release is desired. The game doesn’t have to be overloaded with fighting, but some new features, such as a tackle, would be good to see. Perhaps a prize in the casino could be taking some karate or boxing lessons?

You can see that the GTA 6 wish list has some excellent suggestions. There are plenty more, of course, but if the five on this list were to be included, then GTA 6 may well become one of the biggest video game releases ever.