Netflix says no to gaming sprees

Netflix says no to gaming sprees

Despite having already done shopping, Netflix intends to enter the world of video games avoiding acquisitions in the style of Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts. This was revealed by the co-CEO of the production and distribution company of films and TV series, Reed Hastings, during the presentation of the financial results for the last quarter.

As explained during the call, Hastings specified that Netflix is ​​currently not intent on acquiring as many development studios as possible. Of course, there will always be acquisitions and, on the other hand, it is also normal: video games cannot be developed while a release calendar is planned for film and television. However, these will be more reasonable and above all there will be only if the right opportunity presents itself.

Gregory Peters, COO of Netflix, gave us an even better picture of how the US company will move. "We will use the acquisitions when there are great opportunities for us", the words of Peters, who then also commented on the acquisition of Night School, the authors of Oxenfree who are currently working on the second chapter scheduled for 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC. “We are really excited about what the team stands for, as their purpose is to keep narrative mechanics and story at the center of the game. It's great to have them on board and listen to their ideas. I expect a very rich partnership over the next few years ”.

Netflix's recipe therefore seems to be decidedly simple: few but targeted acquisitions, obviously destined to enrich and bring value. A market strategy that, however, could change over the years: on the other hand, if Netflix manages to earn enough, it is not excluded that a gaming division may not ultimately grow much faster. Time to time, of course: for now, at least according to Hastings and his colleagues, you need to start with small steps.

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