Metro 4 is a new triple A IP in development! 4A Games unleashed

Metro 4 is a new triple A IP in development! 4A Games unleashed

After a Metro Exodus that has captivated the lovers of the videogame series based on the novels by Dmitrij Gluchovskij, there is great anticipation for the next projects of the very talented guys of 4A Games, and there are also those who are clamoring for a Metro 4. br>
To give a first confirmation on the existence of Metro 4 was the same Ukrainian development team, which mentioned a series of projects it is working on within a request for staff on social networks.

In addition to specifically mentioning a fourth installment of the Metro series not yet announced, the development team would also be working on a new multiplatform triple A IP, also not yet announced.

4A Games Developers Behind Metro Series Working On Multiple Unannounced Games

- Unannounced Metro 4

- Unannounced AAA Multi-platform Game (New IP)

- Using Improved 4A Engine

- Boss Fights & Human Combat Setup

~ Very Talented Studio if u don't played last Metro ga me U shouldS

- Faizan Shaikh (@ FaizShaikh7681) October 20, 2021

There is still a lot of smoke over these ongoing projects , but we can't wait to see how this talented studio will raise the bar with their new productions.

While waiting to find out more, you can buy Metro Exodus at this address.