Xbox One approaches the next-gen thanks to cloud gaming

Xbox One approaches the next-gen thanks to cloud gaming

Almost exactly one year has passed since the launch of the Xbox Series X | S, and the owners of the two Microsoft consoles have already been able to test first glimpses of the new generation. However, there are those who did not want to take the next step and for the moment remain to play on the consoles of the One family, waiting for greater availability in stocks or some killer app only for next-gen.

Da a few days the Xbox cloud service has also become accessible on all Microsoft consoles via a browser and this means that potentially, even those who own an Xbox One are able to play in the cloud with a series of new generation features.

To demonstrate how everything works, a new video on YouTube has come up with a comparison of the performance and loading times of the old and new generation Microsoft consoles.

This video shows how thank you At Xcloud, even Xbox One manages to get close to the loading times and visual quality of Series X | S, although the creator of the video points out that there is still annoying input lag.

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