Zero SR / F gets even more beautiful: the Quickstrike accessory kit arrives

Zero SR / F gets even more beautiful: the Quickstrike accessory kit arrives

Zero SR / F gets even more beautiful

Zero Motorcycles is among the global leaders in the motorcycle and electric powertrain segment; its bikes are designed and built in the United States, California, and are able to optimally blend the adrenalin-pumping sensations that only two wheels can give, and the most advanced technologies available in Silicon Valley. A few days ago Zero Motorcycles presented a customization kit dedicated to one of its top models, the beautiful Zero SR / F that we had the pleasure of trying and telling you a few weeks ago: the new package developed by the Californian company is called 'Quickstrike', and will be made in just 100 units available worldwide.

Zero Motorcycles' Quickstrike kit has been designed to enhance the lines of the SR / F and to give it an even more aggressive aesthetic touch , with clear references to the world of motorcycle racing.

“Zero's launch of the revolutionary SR / F has brought about a change in the market. It is extraordinary how the success of a single model can support an entire winning category of high-performance electric motorcycles, which is why we wanted to create an exclusive and special package that could further emphasize the uniqueness of the SR / F. " So said Chris Metcalfe, Zero Motorcycles' vice president of marketing.

The Quickstrike kit is available at the official price of € 1249.00, and can be ordered from one of the many official Zero Motorcycles dealers around the world. By purchasing the kit, you will receive a rich selection of accessories: anodized protections for the brake levers, new front and rear LED indicators with smoked plastics, front and rear mudguards in carbon fiber, new pins for the rear stand, a fairing in black aluminum, new mirrors with a renewed line, motorcycle cover with Quickstrike logo and other themed gadgets, such as an adhesive logo to be applied to the tank and a pin.

$5,000 SONDORS Metacycle Soon To Hit American Market

Electric vehicle manufacturer SONDORS has been preparing their upcoming electric motorcycle for the market – and with an impressive bang-for-buck aesthetic, buyers are curious to see how the SONDORS Metacycle will hold up to the daily commute life.

According to a report from ElecTrek, SONDORS anticipated releasing the MetaCycle in 2021 – and despite the restrictions of the past year, the company has released that they will be able to move forward ahead of schedule. 

That means a release date for fall of this year – so let’s take a look at what they’re asking and what you’d be getting.

To be clear, the SONDORS Metacycle is not in the same category as its older e-Motorcycle siblings, the LiveWire One and ZERO SR/F.

With a claimed top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) and a maximum range of 80 miles (130 km) per charge, it’s obvious the goal is urban accessibility over maximum performance.

We’ve been given just over 4000Wh of superior EV cells in a removable battery pack, as well as a PMAC Hub Motor that uses a magnetic current to keep things running smoothly.

The beastie also rides on hydraulic brakes that feature a nifty anti-theft lock feature, as well as adjustable suspension, a digital full-color display, and full-fledged LED lights at the front and the back – everything riding on an exclusive cast “exo-frame” with a slim torso purported to make the beastie that much easier to ride.

The bike even has a reverse function – an achievement that speaks to the company’s goals of providing practicality to the urban commuter.

Essentially, this bike is the cool, modern option for riders wanting a budget-friendly scoot without actually having to buy a scooter/moped.

“With the average price of a new car costing $40,000 and many new electric motorcycles – like the LiveWire One and ZERO SR/S – coming in just as expensive, the SONDORS MetaCycle could find itself in an economical price-to-performance sweet spot, especially since the average American’s commute is only about 16 miles per day”, writes Electrek.

Currently, you can check out the SONDORS MetaCycle on their website, though there isn’t yet a function to purchase anything.

A handful of bills (in the form of a $100 deposit) can be tossed to reserve your spot in the stereotypical pre-order style that has become so popular for many electric vehicle companies.

We’re not sure if the American company will be able to make their 2021 deadline, or if we will see a repeat of the delays more similar to that of Damon Motorcycles.

Regardless, with the purported price of the MetaCycle skimming the bar at a stunning $5000, SONDORS will be giving the masses a run for their money…hopefully. 

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