What champions Holly and Benji !!! back to Italy 2

What champions Holly and Benji !!! back to Italy 2

What champions Holly and Benji !!! the adaptation of the second manga series by Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa J, broadcast for the first time in our country on Italia 1, on 10 September 1999, is back on television again! We will be able to see again What champions Holly and Benji !! from Monday to Friday on Mediaset Italia 2 (digital terrestrial channel 66) starting from 9 September at 4.25 pm with 3 consecutive episodes.

We remind you that the series is often repeated on television thanks to Yamato Video, which in 2014 he made the anime available on his YouTube channel.

About What champions Holly and Benji !!!

What champions Holly and Benji !!! is the animated version of the second series of the manga, Captain Tsubasa J, consisting of 47 episodes. The first 34 are the remake of the first series until Roberto's departure for Brazil without Holly, while the remaining 13 tell the story of the first seven volumes of the Captain Tsubasa World Youth manga.

They were recently aired also the episodes of the reboot Captain Tsubasa, the anime that faithfully follows the story of the manga. The first 28 episodes, which retrace the narrative arc of elementary school, were broadcast and streamed on Mediaset Play between December 2019 and February 2020. Episodes from 29 to 52, which narrate the narrative arc of the middle school, with characters grappling with a new and upcoming school championship, were broadcast on Italia 1 from Tuesday 8 June at 1:45 pm.

As for the Captain Tsubasa manga, it was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1981 to 1988 and later collected in 37 tankōbon volumes. It arrives in Italy thanks to Star Comics, which also published the 18 volumes of Capitan Tsubasa World Youth and the two special Capitan Tsubasa World Youth Special and Capitan Tsubasa - Taro Misaki Story. However, due to a dispute between FIFA and the Japanese publisher Shūeisha regarding the presence in the work of real teams, jerseys and players, Star Comics was unable to publish the remaining series or reprint Captain Tsubasa World Youth. The publishing house then repurposed the series in a collector's box, entitled CAPITAN TSUBASA COLLECTION.

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