Project Magnum: frenetic action for PS5 and PC that mixes Final Fantasy and Destiny

Project Magnum: frenetic action for PS5 and PC that mixes Final Fantasy and Destiny

Project Magnum

A new looter shooter is coming for PC, PS4 and PS5 called Project Mangum, a frenetic action immersed in a sci-fi setting that many are comparing to a mix between Final Fantasy and Destiny, but also a bit of Gears of War and even Monster Hunter Rise.

South Korean developer Nat Games announced the game. The trailer, visible on Sony's social channels and in the video at the bottom of this article, shows frenetic jaw-breaking scenes and decadent settings. All together, it suggests this action RPG can carve out an interesting space in the next-gen. The name "Project Magnum" is still a working title, which will probably mean that it will still be a long time before this game can finally see the light.

We have no plot elements revealed yet, but from the video visible below a detail emerges that surely makes us ask many questions: what is that huge spherical object that crashes into the pitch? This floating sphere looks almost like an element from Destiny. The environments visible in the game range from destroyed cities to ancient ruins, all with large alien beasts that seem to want to destroy the player (and possibly the entire human race, we imagine). Project Magnum has a third-person view behind the player's avatar, a bit like Gears of War, while among the usable abilities there is a hook-and-eye similar to Monster Hunter Rise's wire bugs. The characters instead seem taken from any Final Fantasy, as well as some buildings of the settings seen in the trailer.

Here is the game description translated from the PlayStation YouTube channel: “PROJECT MAGNUM is a game for PC and console that combines RPG gaming with third-person combat. It features beautiful graphics and attractive and unique characters based on a Player vs. Environment (PvE). It also provides exciting battles using various skills, actions and weapons, as well as the fun of high quality PvE shooter battles that target huge bosses. ”No release dates are known yet, but we hope there will be some more details during the September PlayStation Showcase just announced.

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What is Project Magnum and why should you care about this strange new game?

Outriders has been and gone without a second thought and now we're looking forwards to another strange techno-fantasy PvE looter-shooter game. We don't know why developers keep trying when Destiny 2 is out there - probably never getting dethroned as the next big thing - but Nexon has shared their first look at Project Magnum. Here's everything we know about it so far...

TEASER TRAILER - Check out a cinematic look at Project Magnum

As you can see below, PlayStation has shared the Teaser Trailer for Nexon's Project Magnum - working title - on YouTube.

' PROJECT MAGNUM is a PC/console-based game that combines RPG play with third-person shooter combat. It presents beautiful visuals and attractive and unique characters based in a sci-fi style player vs. environment worldview. It also provides exciting battles using various skills, actions, and guns, as well as the fun of highquality PvE shooter battles that target huge bosses.'

So... Project Magnum is a large-scale looter-shooter with PvE battles against huge bosses. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Sony has announced a State of Play Presentation for September 9th, so we expect to hear more about it then.

RELEASE DATE - Not so early, there, sport...

Project Magnum doesn't even have a confirmed title, yet. We're not going to hear a release date from the development team for a while yet. We can imagine that it'll be Mid-2022 or later, though.

Nexon - the development team behind Project Magnum - is known for collaborating with Square Enix on the Korean launches of their large multiplayer games - like Final Fantasy 14. This leads us to believe that Project Magnum will play somewhat similarly to these Final Fantasy MMOs.

From what we can tell, Project Magnum is going to be a fully PvE experience - which will be welcome news to fans of MMO games - however, we can't tell much else from the Teaser Trailer.

WHY - Should we even bother with this one?

It's hard to say, at the moment. It doesn't look like the most original game we've ever seen and you could throw a needle into a haystack and hit an unsuccessful looter-shooter that could be comparable to Project Magnum.

Admittedly, not a lot of these are on PlayStation consoles at the moment - but that doesn't mean they should be. Destiny 2 has cornered the market and games like Outriders have struggled to make a dent. We can't say Project Magnum will change things, but it's nice to be hopeful...

BIG ORB - Where have we seen that before? *cough Destiny 2 cough*

If there's one thing Project Magnum has going for it, it is the giant enemies. Other PvE looter-shooter games have these, of course, but making them one of the sole focal points of gameplay isn't something done too often. Dauntless tried, but it couldn't quite replicate Monster Hunter's charm. Maybe Project Magnum will have better luck...