PlayStation Showcase: official the awaited event, date and time

PlayStation Showcase: official the awaited event, date and time

PlayStation Showcase

We've been waiting for it for months, PlayStation fans have been calling for it for long weeks, and the constant rumors have made us hope that the announcement could come at any moment, but now we're finally there. With an announcement published on its official social networks, Sony has finally announced a new PlayStation Showcase, the next big PlayStation event that will tell us better what to expect from now on in the near future on the consoles of the Japanese house.

Come al usually, when Sony announces such an event it gives us some little information on what to expect from the broadcast. In this case, with the next PlayStation Showcase the company tells us that we will see what the future of PS5 will be, with announcements and updates regarding the internal teams of PlayStation Studios and a look at those games that will be released in the winter period and beyond. .

The new PlayStation Showcase event will air next Thursday 9 September, with the live broadcast on all official PlayStation channels starting at 22:00, Italian time. No particular mention of the games or development studios that will be present on Thursday 9th, just as there is no mention of the much talked about new generation PlayStation VR model.

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PlayStation Showcase 2021 broadcasts live next Thursday. Full details:

- PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) September 2, 2021

Now that Sony's next big event has also finally been announced, we're ready to receive all those updates we've been waiting for several months. Not forgetting, however, that the month of September is still full of interesting releases for PS5 owners thanks to titles of the caliber of Deathloop and Kena Bridge of Spirits. Who knows what other surprises Sony will have in store for us between now and the end of the year and for the first months of 2022. We'll find out very soon.

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Sony announces PlayStation showcase, promises ‘sneak peek at the future of PS5’


Sony is announcing that it will hold a special PlayStation showcase on September 9th. The event will start at 10AM ET / 1PM PT, and will run for 40 minutes in what is being teased as “a look into the future of PS5.” Sony says its showcase will include updates from its PlayStation Studios, and a look at games releasing this holiday and beyond.

Sony could be ready to launch a new PS5 system software update that it has been beta testing. The update unlocks M.2 SSD support, and also includes some UI improvements to the PS5 dashboard and 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers.

While there’s a promise of what’s next for PS5, Sony’s new PlayStation VR headset won’t make an appearance at the showcase. The next-gen PSVR was reportedly detailed at a developer summit recently, revealing that the headset connects to a PS5 via a single cable. The headset also includes higher-resolution OLED displays (2000 x 2040 pixels per eye)and an improved 110-degree field of view.

Sony is still promising “plenty of great PS5 games from developers large and small,” and it’s likely we’ll get another look at Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, that was recently delayed to February 18th, 2022. Perhaps we’ll also see some updates on the next-gen patch for GTA V, and some final gameplay of Bethesda’s Deathloop PS5 exclusive that launches later this month.

The Verge will be covering Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, so stay tuned for all the latest PS5 news.