From the Olympics to WWE: champion Gable Stevenson arrives

From the Olympics to WWE: champion Gable Stevenson arrives

From the Olympics to WWE

Big media hit for the Stamford Company. WWE has in fact announced that it has signed Gable Stevenson, Olympic gold medalist and reigning NCAA Wrestling champion.

Gable was one of the great protagonists of Tokyo 2020, excelling in the 125 kg category of the freestyle wrestling. Class of 2000, the young American athlete also achieved gold at the Pan American Championships in Guatemala City, also this sporting season.

In the company's first NIL contract, Stevenson will join the WWE roster while defending the his NCAA title for the University of Minnesota. These are the words of him about the big announcement: “My childhood dream comes true… I have officially signed with WWE! Thanks for this opportunity! Now to work. ”

Childhood dream accomplished .. I have officially signed with the @WWE !!! Thank you for the opportunity !! LETS WORK 💪🏽

- Gable Steveson (@GableSteveson) September 9, 2021

Olympic champion Gable Stevenson signs with WWE

Not it is the first time that WWE has found an Olympic medal in the ranks of its roster. The thought immediately goes to the Hall of Famer Kurt Angle who, after winning gold at the competitions of '96, signed with the Company of Vince McMahon becoming one of the most appreciated superstars ever.

Gable already has got to meet the WWE patron, praising his great availability towards him. His brother, Bobby Stevenson, has also been signed by the Company and will train at the NXT Performance Center.

At SummerSlam, the young athlete also took part in a segment with Tamyra Mensah-Stock, before black woman to win a gold medal in the 68 KG category.

Gable's future looks pretty rosy in the WWE world. And many are dreaming of a possible clash with Brock Lesnar, which would represent a real handover.

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Gable Steveson Claims He Has The Charisma To Play Any Role In WWE

Gable Steveson’s terrific performance at the Tokyo Olympics helped make him a well-known name in the world of sports. WWE went the extra mile in getting Steveson to sign a contract as even Vince McMahon personally met up with Steveson to sign him.

WWE finally managed to sign Gable Steveson to a contract this month and put all speculation to rest as far as where the 21-year-old will go next. It was also reported that Gable Steveson signed a unique contract with WWE, which is exclusive in nature.

Gable Steveson also recently admitted that Brock Lesnar was a huge influence in him signing with WWE as Lesnar’s career path was something Steveson found helpful.

While speaking on The MMA Hour, Gable Steveson claimed that he has the charisma to play any role in WWE as he is confident in his abilities.

“I don’t know my style yet, but I think I can pull off the American Hero really well, especially being a gold medalist. Kurt [Angle] was the only one – I don’t have a broken freakin’ neck, and I hear it all day on Twitter. ‘You don’t have a broken neck, you’re not the real gold medalist.’ So I heard it all day in all my messages. I’m sorry I didn’t have a broken neck, but I still got a gold medal….there are so many styles I could play, there are so many styles I’m ready to play. I’m open to anything – American Hero, bruiser, heel, bad guy, good guy. I think I have the characteristics and charisma to be everything. I’m just waiting to see who I’m gonna be.”

WWE is also setting up a remote training facility for Gable, so it will be interesting to see how he will fare in the company once he makes his debut there.

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