Ex-Ubisoft developers make games without the Ubisoft formula

Ex-Ubisoft developers make games without the Ubisoft formula

The relatively new development studio Nesting Games was recently taken over by the publisher Digital Bros. That would be worth reporting in and of itself. But the press release published in this context also has an interesting detail ready: The studio, which consists of former Ubisoft developers (Assassin's Creed), wants to develop several games in the future, but forego the Ubisoft formula that is very familiar to them.

Nesting Games would like to focus on the development of the most exciting and immersive role play possible. However, the team wants to turn away from the open world approach known from Assassin's Creed and pursue other visions. Chief Creative Officer Jordane Thiboust explains:

"We want to return to creating RPGs that focus on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling and strong gameplay. We are moving away from the massive open world model It's full of icons to flick through. Instead, we're going back to content-driven experiences that respect the player's time. Whether you play our games for 30 minutes or a 2-hour session, you will each Get interesting content and a satisfying experience. "

However, Nesting Games, based in Quebec, Canada, has not yet announced a specific game. The team currently consists of just 18 employees. There are several job advertisements on the official website to increase manpower as quickly as possible.

Source: Nesting Games