Reported to Ubisoft for systemic abuse of employees

Reported to Ubisoft for systemic abuse of employees

CEO Yves Guillemot and several former and current employees of Ubisoft are accused of not only tolerating a culture of abuse in the company, but of actively promoting it and systematically hiding it from the public. The trade union Solidaires Informatique and two former employees filed a lawsuit against the company on 15 July in France on behalf of the victims. The aim is to break the prevailing system at Ubisoft, in which sexual harassment, homophobia, racism and abuse are swept under the carpet, and to hold those responsible for their actions accountable Accused of abuse, including Ubisoft's former Vice President Tommy François and ex-Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët, the lawsuit is aimed primarily at the institutions that are said to have contributed to the cover-up and promotion of the behavior. Above all, the department for human resources, which is actually entrusted with protecting employees from such attacks and with standing by them.

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What was going on behind closed doors at Ubisoft first became public in June 2020. Since then, several high-ranking suspects have shed their hats. Guillemot vowed to get better after the unveiling and promised to turn Ubisoft into an impeccable tech company. According to a spokesman for Solidaires Informatique, none of these announcements have been implemented after a year that actually led to a change in the system. Even then, the union announced consequences. Enough evidence has now been gathered to form a strong indictment.

Source: Kotaku