Call of Duty Vanguard: cheater already present in the beta, the tests

Call of Duty Vanguard: cheater already present in the beta, the tests

Call of Duty Vanguard

One of the big problems with Call of Duty is the lack of an anti-cheat system. This is already visible in the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, where some players are cheating. Several videos are circulating online that prove it.

You can for example see this video by @BennyLongStroke which shows the point of view of an opposing player, whose aim clearly automatically switches to the various enemies present in his visual, even if these are very distant and almost invisible to the eye.

In this other video, however, you can see that the opposing player - whose actions we can see through the replay - is able to display a plate above the enemies that are nearby, so as to know in advance who is coming.

The situation is clearly not acceptable and the development team is well aware of this. The Call of Duty Twitter account wrote, "This is not a tutorial: if you cheat, we will come and get you. The bans are underway, and PC anti-cheat will arrive in Warzone later this year." The situation, therefore, should normalize, let's hope in time for the launch.

Finally, here is a video comparison between PS5 and Xbox Series X | S for Call of Duty Vanguard, it's a draw.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Banned Accounts Will Not Get Access To Play Vanguard's Beta

It seems that Activision has put in all their efforts to make their COD games a fair-play ground for all their players. They were open about banning several hackers from their Call of Duty: Warzone and are now taking some drastic steps to prevent these hackers from playing their upcoming COD Vanguard. Makers released a Tweet on CharlieIntel’s official Twitter account and confirmed that the accounts deactivated during the Call of Duty: Warzone ban waves will remain blocked to access Vanguard. Such an announcement was not expected to be released and thus the players have been trying to find more information about it. Here is all information on the internet about Call of Duty: Warzone hackers. Read more 

Banned Call of Duty: Warzone players will not get access to the Vanguard beta

Several players have been complaining about their account being prevented from taking part in the upcoming open beta for Vanguard. These players are not allowed to use the same account and will be required to access the game using a different account. The Tweet from CharlieIntel’s official Twitter account read, “If you are currently banned in Call of Duty: Warzone - including hardware or account banned - you are banned from playing Call of Duty: Vanguard. For those in the cheats Discords/forums etc. asking why I think it's pretty obvious why. But thought I'd let you know.” A post on CharlieIntel’s official website confirmed those with an account or hardware ban will be stopped from accessing the Vanguard Open beta.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard beta dates

Call Of Duty: Vanguard beta dates have been announced by the makers now.  Makers are supposed to bring in new Vanguard maps including Red Star, Hotel Royal, and Gavutu are for this beta. The Beta will also bring in popular COD game modes like Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Patrol, Champion Hill and a new weapon to the game.  Players will also get exclusive rewards for reaching level 20 in Call of Duty: Vanguard beta. Rewards like a weapon blueprint for Vanguard and Warzone and also for the Arthur Kingsley operator in Call of Duty: Mobile will be given to the players. Information about the game confirms that Clan and battle pass systems are going to be a major part of this Beta. Here is a list of all the important dates for the Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta release. 

  • September 10 to September 13 – PlayStation early access
  • September 16 to September 17 – Xbox, PC early access, PlayStation open beta
  • September 18 to September 20 – Open beta for all platforms