WoW: So you can fly in Shadowlands from now on

WoW: So you can fly in Shadowlands from now on


After today's maintenance, Blizzard Entertainment has given the go-ahead for flying in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The fans had to wait until the release of the extensive update 9.1 "Chains of Rulership" - or even a little longer. But before you can finally take to the skies, you have to meet some conditions.

For example, it is necessary to reach a certain level of fame in the respective pact of your character. You must also have completed the relevant campaign. Here is an overview of all the important points:

You have to reach fame level 44 with your character. Complete the pact campaign completely - including the chapter "The last seal" Use the reward item "Memories of the sunless sky" All Characters on your account with level 50+ will learn to fly in the Shadowlands areas. Areas in which you cannot fly are Oribos, Korthia and the Maw. There you should also find some interesting information as well as one or the other piece of advice.


Your pact is the wind beneath your wings. Therefore, you have to prove your absolute loyalty and reach fame level 44 before you can take off. Make sure you reach Fame Level 40 before Chains of Dominion is released. So you can focus your efforts directly on the levels unlocked with the content update.


Before you can spread your wings, you must complete the latest chapters of your Pact Campaign, right up to "The Last Seal" (Chapter 12 of the Pact Campaign). This chapter unlocks at Glory Level 44, which is available from the second week of Chains of Dominion. You can currently complete nine chapters. You can see your current progress in the view "Map & Questlog" (shortcut: L) in the upper right corner of the active window.

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How to unlock The Last Sigil in WoW Shadowlands

The Last Sigil campaign chapter in WoW Shadowlands is the fourth set of story quests in the 9.1 update. It's the questline you'll need to complete if you want to fly in Shadowlands, but you may be wondering what you need to do to unlock it and take to the skies.

Covenant campaign chapters are locked behind WoW Renown levels, and as you progress, you'll naturally unlock more of the main story. The Renown level cap has increased to 44 with this week's reset. If you're unsure what part of the campaign you're currently on and when you can start WoW Shadowlands The Last Sigil campaign chapter, this guide will help you out.

You can start The Last Sigil covenant campaign chapter as soon as you reach Renown level 44. If you've been keeping up with the weekly quests, such as WoW Shaping Fate, you should already have Renown 42—the maximum level before the last reset. This means you're on track to unlock flying this week, as you'll now be able to work on gaining the two extra Renown levels needed to access the new covenant campaign.

You also need to have completed the first set of campaign chapters available before the 9.1 patch. If you haven't finished that, you won't be able to unlock The Last Sigil chapter. Even if you grind your Renown level to 44. 

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WoW Shadowlands The Last Sigil

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WoW Shadowlands The Last Sigil

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If you're unsure how many campaign chapters you've completed, you can check your quest log to see where you are and how to progress. To find your Renown level, click on the WoW Covenant button on your minimap or visit the Keeper of Renown in your Covenant Sanctum. 

The Last Sigil campaign chapter starts with the Vault of Secrets quest and concludes with The Primus Returns. The latter awards the item 'Memories of Sunless Skies' which can be used to unlock flying in Shadowlands for all characters on that account.