Xbox Series X | S and LG OLED C1 and G1: Dolby Vision available in 4K and 120Hz with update

Xbox Series X | S and LG OLED C1 and G1: Dolby Vision available in 4K and 120Hz with update

Xbox Series X | S and LG OLED C1 and G1

Xbox Series X | S can view game content in Dolby Vision even at 4K and 120Hz on LG OLED C1 and G1 TVs thanks to the new update that solves the limitation that emerged in recent months, which made it impossible to use this display system at 120Hz.

The 03.11.23 update for the LG C1 and G1 OLED displays therefore solves the problem we reported some time ago, namely the fact that Dolby Vision was available for games on Xbox Series X and Series S but that the TVs were not yet ready to view it.

By updating, Dolby Vision technology becomes usable in game on Xbox Series X and Series S even in 4K at 120Hz, as confirmed by the Summary screen in the console's system settings, shown below and taken from the YouTube channel "KeepItClassyTech".

After the recent update to the LG OLED C1 and G1 TVs, all the viewing options of Xbox Series X | S are active Obviously it remains however, the problem of the spread of this standard: at the moment, thanks to this update, the LG series C1 and G1, or those released this year, are the only ones that can support Dolby Vision in 4K at 120Hz, but it is clear that this is a mostly software limitation on newer TVs, which will be fixed shortly.

Microsoft has been testing Dolby Vision on games for several months now and the feature has recently been opened to insider users, with forthcoming opening to all console owners. Xbox Series X | S are in fact the only consoles to support Dolby Vision for video games, as well as Dolby Atmos (present on Microsoft consoles from Xbox One). Some time ago there was also a diatribe about a possible exclusive agreement, which was later denied by Microsoft itself.

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Xbox Series X | S and LG OLED C1 and G1

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