NIO may soon debut in Germany

NIO may soon debut in Germany

Following NIO's announcement of the strategy that will lead to expansion in the Old Continent with the new electrification plan, the Shanghai carmaker aims to reach the German market as well.

A clue that comes from a recent job announcement published by the company specializing in the design and development of electric vehicles which is looking for a General Manager who will be responsible for the strategy for the German market. Although NIO is already present in Germany with its design center in the city of Munich, the search for a new figure to employ suggests the presence of new plans for Germany.

Not surprisingly, the Germany has for some time been one of the countries to which the car manufacturer seems to be aiming most for a new commercial debut. According to some rumors, the debut of the electric cars of the brand on the German market could in fact take place as early as next year.

It will therefore be interesting to understand what NIO's strategies will be after the deliveries of the vehicles in Norway which should begin in two months. On May 6, the day the company officially announced its entry into the Norwegian market, German magazine Der Spiegel sued William Li, founder and CEO, as saying the company plans to start selling its electric cars in Germany in 2022. .

As already stated, we are talking about indiscretions and not official announcements released by the car manufacturer. At this point we can only wait for further news on the expansion plans for Europe.

In the meantime, activities continue in Norway, where the Chinese company has shipped the first load of Power Swap Station and columns dedicated to charging. In fact, NIO intends to expand this network of stations for the automated battery change of batteries in the coming years to other countries as well.

We fully believe that, in Europe, awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is much greater for the consumer than on any other continent in the world, said European Division Vice President Hui Zhang.