The splendid cameo pins dedicated to the heroines of Studio Ghibli

The splendid cameo pins dedicated to the heroines of Studio Ghibli

Donguri Closet, one of the Studio Ghibli stores, has launched a new limited edition collection of refined and beautiful cameo pins, dedicated to the protagonists of some of his films, including: Kiki - Home deliveries, The errant castle by Howl, Arrietty - The secret world under the floor, Laputa - Castle in the sky and Porco Rosso.

Donguri Closet specified that this collection is aimed at adults and girls, and the slogan is: “a place for me to be myself”.

Studio Ghibli: the elegant pins depicting the heroines of the films

The new collection of Studio Ghibli is called Cameo Brooch and features a total of seven different pins, available in different colors, each associated with a protagonist from the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

A strong ruby ​​red color is dedicated to Kiki (Kiki - Home delivery) while a green color is dedicated to the young Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) mint. Arrietty (Arrietty - The Secret World Under the Floor) is associated with a rich tangerine color, while Sheeta's brooch (Laputa - Castle in the sky) is dusty blue and Gina's (Porco Rosso) is a deep royal purple. The heroine of The Sighs of Your Heart, Shizuku, has a butter yellow background. The surprises are not over because there is also a brooch featuring the beautiful elf princess who catches Shizuku's attention in the film, depicted on a deep turquoise brooch.

Each brooch, offered for sale at a price of 990 yen, tax included (about 7.48 euros) is equipped with a delicate frame and the flowers in the lower part of the cameo come from the film in which the character is the protagonist.

The collection can be purchased in the Donguri Closet online store, but you cannot choose your favorite brooch, because the purchase will be random. If, on the other hand, you want the whole set, you have to go to the Sora no Ue online store.

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