Destiny 2: As a Guardian, you have to see this stream for the new expansion

Destiny 2: As a Guardian, you have to see this stream for the new expansion

Destiny 2

It has been known for some time that the next expansion of the online shooter Destiny 2 will be called The Witch Queen and will be released early next year. However, so far there is neither a specific release date nor too much tangible information about the content of the add-on. That will change very soon, however.

The Bungie development studio recently spoke out on Twitter and not only revealed the Destiny 2 logo (buy now € 12.99): The Witch Queen revealed, but also announced a showcase event at the same time. The livestream event for the Destiny expansion is scheduled to take place on August 24, 2021. During the event, the team should announce a lot of information about the expansion, and there may also be some first gameplay material to be seen. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that Bungie will announce a release date.

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The Witch Queen is one of two add-ons for Destiny 2 that the development team announced last year. With Beyond Light, one of them is already available. The Witch Queen was originally scheduled to be launched in 2021. However, it later turned out that Bungie needed more time to work on the add-on than previously thought. In order to protect the health of employees, among other things, and to achieve the quality level expected by many fans, the decision was made to postpone the release to the year 2022.

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How To Speed Farm Destiny 2’s Solstice Armor Upgrades

Destiny 2


Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes has returned for 2021, and over the years, Bungie has lessened what was previously a pretty interminable grind. To get all the armor sets fully upgraded across three characters probably takes less than half the time it used to, but there are still ways to speed run the process to make it go even more quickly.

Here is a loose collection of thoughts now that I have made it to the final stage of upgrades on each character, in terms of how you can blaze through this process pretty quickly:

  • Far and away, the most important piece of advice is that if you are doing this grind on more than one character, complete a full set on a character before moving to another. Completing one set’s objectives in a tier will give a 2x multiplier to the next set. Completing two sets will give a 3x multiplier to the third.
  • The exception to the above is the final “white glow” tier, where objectives are shared across all three classes. But you do not have to have all three classes at that level for it to count. For instance, I cleared the champion objective on the leg armor on my Warlock before upgrading my Hunter to that tier, but when I did, the legs were still glowing and that objective was pre-complete.
  • But, remember that for any objective you are actively trying to complete on a piece, you need to be wearing that piece. And if you aren’t going for anything specific on a piece, you might as well swap it out to one with better stats and all your mods set up. But don’t forget to put it back on later.
  • Alright, now moving into specific objectives:

    Destiny 2


    Opening Packages – The best source of keys I’ve found in terms of pure speed is probably heroic public events which can often be completed in 1-2 minutes (depending on the event) for 7 keys. Each wave of Altars of Sorrow gives 5 keys. Besides that, don’t forget to do the bounties from Eva for 5 keys each, even the repeatable ones give 5 keys. You should eventually have more keys than packages at this pace, and opening 10 will be easy. Do not binge on opening all of them, however, until you unlock higher tier upgrades where they can drop the new shotgun and armor.

    Altars of Sorrow – You will get 5% progress per wave on your first character, and for whatever reason, the sixth and final boss stage does not give you anything or even keys. You may better off reloading the zone and doing waves 1-3 on repeat, as those go very quickly.

    Europa Events – This is supposed to be Europa public events, but it seems to work anywhere, with heroic public events giving 20% per clear. I can confirm public events in the EDZ and Dreaming City definitely work for sure, I haven’t tested the rest.

    Void/Solar/Arc Grenade Kills – Obviously you’ll want to run a gun with demolitionist if you can, but for my money, you might as well get this done during Altars of Sorrow with non-stop clusters of enemies, or Blind Well where the Harmony buff will give you essentially unlimited grenades whenever you get it.

    Void/Solar/Arc Melee Kills – This has been changed from previous years where it’s not charged melee kills, it’s any melee kill while using that subclass. So no more need to sword cheese.

    Destiny 2


    Powerful Fallen Kills (Warlock) – While all three of these “powerful” kill requirements are of races that appear in the EAZ, that’s definitely not the fastest place to farm them. For my money, the Glimmer Drill public event in the EDZ (or a few other places) will have a metric ton of orange-yellow bar Fallen in a single run for you. Also, this week’s Nightfall is SABER which also has a lot, and is a different requirement so you can kill two birds with one stone.

    Powerful Hive Kills (Titan) – I don’t know what the ultimate, ultimate zone for this may be, but given that you can do about four other objectives at the same time during Altars of Sorrow, I would do this there. You should complete it by accident with how many powerful Hive there are.

    Powerful Cabal Kills (Hunter) – Any Battleground should get this done, and it’s also another objective on the list. The new Chosen tank strike. Or if you just want to do it casually, orange bar Cabal will always spawn in waves every few minutes to the left of the ship entrance in the Sunken Isles zone of the EDZ.

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