Pokémon GO: This is how you develop the new Pokémon Pam-Pam

Pokémon GO: This is how you develop the new Pokémon Pam-Pam

Pokémon GO

Just recently, the new pocket monster Pam-Pam made its debut in the mobile game Pokémon GO, which comes from the Kalos region. You can't just track down and catch the cute panda in the wild at the moment, it only appears in raids of level 1. But how can you actually develop the little guy? Because collecting 50 corresponding candies is not enough. At this point we will tell you what you have to consider in order to take Pam-Pam to the next level.

First you have to define him the panda as your buddy, because otherwise all further steps are worth or pointless. While Pam-Pam is active as your buddy, you have to catch a total of 32 Pokémon of the dark type. This is one of the most difficult tasks in this endeavor, because currently there are very few pocket monsters of this category in the wild. Alternatively, you can keep an eye out for Rocket brawlers, as they sometimes send such a Pokémon into battle that you can catch after a victory in the Crypto version. Once you have completed this challenge, you "only" need the 50 Pam-Pam candies to develop the furry guy into Pandagro. This is then both of the dark and combat type.

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Why Niantic made the development of this new Pokémon so cumbersome can be explained only guess. In other Pokémon games, Pam-Pam evolved automatically at level 32. However, you had to have at least one dark Pokémon on your team to do this. The developers have come up with a corresponding variant for Pokémon GO.

Pokemon Go Player Reveals Amazing In-Game Squirtle Squad Concept

Team Go Rocket has been plaguing Pokemon Go players for quite some time, but what if players got a friendlier in-game rival? Reddit user rjbelz has proposed that the Squirtle Squad should appear in the game much in the way Rocket Grunts are found. Essentially, players would randomly encounter them in the wild, or by spinning specific Poke Stops. Beating the Squirtle Squad member would then result in the player being rewarded with in-game items that were 'stolen' by that member of the Squad. The poster also proposed that it could be done as an in-game event, so the idea wouldn't overstay its welcome. The original Reddit post can be found right here.

This certainly sounds like a fun concept for the game! Feedback to the original Reddit post has been quite strong, with it receiving 98% upvotes. It definitely seems like Niantic and The Pokemon Company would embrace the concept, as Pokemon Go has featured references to the Squirtle Squad in the past. It's been a bit since the Squirtle Squad appeared in the anime, but long-time fans of the series have fond memories of the characters, and would certainly love to see an in-game event that brings the characters back!

For those unfamiliar with the Squirtle Squad, the group first appeared in the season one anime episode Here Comes the Squirtle Squad. A group of Squirtle abandoned by their trainers, the Squad's leader decides to join Ash on his journey at the end of the episode. Squirtle eventually reconnected with the group, and has been with them since. The Squirtle Squad has made a handful of cameos since, most recently in the Sun & Moon episode Alola, Kanto!.

Team Go Rocket has added an exciting element to Pokemon Go, giving players an antagonist to battle with when it isn't easy to connect with other trainers. The Squirtle Squad seems like it could add something similar, while paying homage to one of the most beloved episodes of the anime series. This is one fan concept that seems like a total no-brainer, but fans will just have to wait and see whether or not Niantic and The Pokemon Company decide to make it happen!

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