With this app you can create your Nft artwork

With this app you can create your Nft artwork

SketchAR will make it possible for an artist to create, mint and sell a digital artwork on the NFT market, directly from the application

(photo: Kenzo Tribouillard / Afp via Getty Images) Despite the recent and important decrease of their value on the market, that of the gods Non fungible token (Nft) - the certificates of ownership on digital works based on the blockchain - is still considered by many to be a sector with a future and on which to focus. augmented reality drawing app SketchAR has recently announced that it will launch a service in the coming months through which users will be able to design, coin and then sell their own illustration as a work of art on the NFT market. All while remaining within the application. SketchAR is not the first app that allows artists to mint Nft - in March it had already been designed by S! Ng - but no one else, before now, allowed to create content also in-app.

Photo: via SketchAR Now an artist can be selected as “Creator of the week” by the app community and his latest artwork automatically converted into an NFT and published on the OpenSea marketplace. The team can also choose their favorite artworks from the feed to turn them into NFT for free.

By the end of the year SketchAR will introduce some other significant new features, such as allowing any artist to tokenize their art on request with its automatic quotation on specialized markets. An NFT market will be created inside the app where the best works created with SketchAR will go to auction.

The company believes that NFTs are here to stay, in some way, while admitting that the hype that has recently been created around these digital certificates is destined to diminish. “Our future is digital, whether we like it or not,” the SketchAR developers wrote in a blog post. Based on this belief, the app wants to provide as many options as possible for artists to monetize their creations.

NFTs are a fickle asset like Bitcoin and have already made headlines for some scams, but since on the other hand, they are perhaps one of the best options at the moment to give fair compensation to many digital artists and creators.

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