The powerful Chromebox with 64 gb of ram

The powerful Chromebox with 64 gb of ram

Ctl's CBx2 model is the most expensive, but also the best performing in the category, with an internal memory of 2 terabytes

(Photo: Ctl) Devices with Chrome Os are often associated with a low-end of performance and to a very young or undemanding target, but with the top of the range version of Chromebox CBx2 by Ctl, very interesting levels are reached. Suffice it to mention the presence of the performing 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, but above all the kit of 64 GB of ram with a storage space of 2 terabytes. The price is not low, but the potential is considerable.

Reading the list of hardware specifications it seems to be in front of a muscular gaming pc or a machine with Windows intended for video editing, instead it is a Chromebox that is a mini computer to connect to various peripherals such as monitor, keyboard and mouse. In short, in the same category as the much better known Apple Mac Mini.

Ctl's latest proposal therefore makes use of the Chrome Os operating system developed by Google and based on Linux, the good Intel i7 processor model 10610U of tenth generation accompanied by a quantity of 64 gb of ddr4 ram and 2 terabytes of internal memory type m.2 and Intel Uhd graphics card. Large input compartment with two USB 3.0 ports on the front, a microsd card reader and the 3.5 mm jack and on the back two hdmi ports, a usb type-c port, a display port, the ethernet port and two other usb 3. There is also the Vesa-type hook to place it behind a monitor or stand.

What can you do with all this power and flexibility of Chrome Os? This Chromebox can become a valid driver of productivity at home or in the office thanks to the ever-increasing number of applications for the Google operating system, it can act as a multimedia control center in the living room or it can of course offer the entire parterre of high-end components. educational level.

The price from the official website is 1419 dollars or 1165 euros, which is a lot for a Chrome Os device, but at the same time not exaggerated for the processor mounted together with the massive amount of internal memory made available. For a quick comparison and net of the inevitable differences between the two ecosystems, Mac Mini M1 with gpu and 8-core cpu with 16 gb and 2 tb costs 1969 euros.

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