The ocean-friendly Barbie doll is made from recycled plastic

The ocean-friendly Barbie doll is made from recycled plastic

The dolls of the new Barbie Loves the Ocean line are made 90 percent with plastic recovered from waterways

The Barbie line made with recycled plastic (photo: Mattel) Other than Barbie Mermaid. The real doll that comes from the sea, it must be said, is the new Barbie Loves the Ocean. Just launched by Mattel, it is made largely of recycled plastic and promotes the preservation of the oceans. One of the most famous toys in the world therefore takes a further step towards a green perspective, in addition to the already set goal of using 95 percent recycled or FSC certified paper or wood fibers for packaging by the end of 2021. and for all products only recycled, recyclable or natural-origin plastics by 2030.

The plastic parts of ocean-friendly dolls are made of 90 percent plastic collected within 50 kilometers of watercourses in areas without formal waste collection systems. Bottles and containers destined to float, possibly reaching the ocean, were then recovered and destined for Barbie's arms and legs. Doll heads are not made with this recycled plastic, as well as accessories (shoes, tablet and beach lantern). In addition to the Barbie doll itself, the line also includes a beach kiosk made of 90 per cent recycled plastic.

Ecological sensitivity in the field of games is increasingly widespread: in April even balls Super Santos of the World were presented in a recycled version. While Mattel has launched a toy take back program, called Mattel PlayBack, to retrieve and reuse materials from old Mattel games to create future products.

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