Studio Supernova announces Shifting Stones and two new expansions

Studio Supernova announces Shifting Stones and two new expansions

Summer is approaching, the Brescia publishing house Studio Supernova is pleased to announce some juicy news. Among these, Shifting Stones (by J. Evan Raitt - Gamewright) stands out for the end of summer 2021. It is a game of tactics and tile shifting in which the goal is to build the patterns illustrated on the cards by moving and overturning the tiles. game. The harder the schemes the more points they provide. When a player reaches 10 built patterns, the game ends and whoever has collected the most points wins!

Shifting Stones is a game that is learned in minutes but provides intelligent and varied entertainment for players of all backgrounds. age and experience levels. These qualities, together with the incredible attention to materials and aesthetics, make it a must for all families. Shifting Stones is expected in the best game stores after the summer along with the previously announced The King is Dead.

The tactical board game is not, however, the only surprise expected in the coming months. In fact, Studio Supernova has also announced the first expansions for two of its most beloved games: Nidaveller: Thingavellir and Pharaon: Conflicts, both scheduled for the summer months.

Nidavellir: Thingavellir (Serge Laget - GRRRE Games) , the first expansion for the award-winning Nidavellir (available for purchase on Amazon) also competing for Lucca Comics & Games' Game of the Year 2021, introduces camps where Elvalands can choose to hire mercenaries or grab magical artifacts instead of selecting a card from the tavern by increasing then further the variety of strategies and options possible in this unique auction and coin building game.

Pharaon: Conflicts (Henri Pym, Sylas - Catchup Games) increases the possible challenges for the sons of the pharaoh by adding the conflict boxes to the wheel of actions, challenges, these, with high cost and high reward potential. This first Pharaon expansion (available for purchase on Amazon) also adds new Noble and Artisan cards and alternative Pharaoh tokens.