Silent Hill will also remain in its creator's new project

Silent Hill will also remain in its creator's new project

The return of Silent Hill for many gamers is certainly something important, so much so that the latest rumors about Abandoned and more generally the situation created around the mysterious game can be branded as "mass hysteria". Despite this, there is no evidence that Konami wants to bring the saga back to life but its creator seems to have already overcome this "trauma", so much so that he is now ready to work on a new video game. The genre? Always horror, of course.

Over the last few hours, in fact, Silent Hill's father Keiichiro Toyama presented some details of his new IP, which will be developed by Bokeh Game Studios, founded by Kazunobu Sato. The details were published in a video, which allowed everyone to take a look at the behind-the-scenes work currently underway. This is not a video dedicated exclusively to the new IP, still without a name but some details have emerged anyway and these are concepts that are worth reporting.

According to Sato, the idea of ​​producing a new game from the creator of Silent Hill is directly related to the studio opened this year. The game will be in third person and there will also be sword fighting but the era in which it is set has not been disclosed. It is a single player project, with a story that will be strongly choice-driven, so fundamental choices for radical changes in the plot or in the game acts are not to be excluded. There will be different creatures, different horror elements and it will generally be an action-adventure title. The most curious detail is that the entire project will play with the minds of the players.

At the moment we can only speculate on what appears to be, in effect, a spiritual successor to the Silent Hill saga. Keiichiro Toyama's journey started on PlayStation 1 and after a bad setback it now seems to be resumed. We will certainly know more over the next few years but we do not struggle with the idea that in the coming months Bokeh Game Studio will find a publisher: on the other hand the value of the elements at work is decidedly high and we are quite certain that the project will not struggle to see the light.

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