Renault aims to open a new pole for the production of electrical

Renault aims to open a new pole for the production of electrical

Renault would appear to be ready to build a new plant for the production of electric vehicles, so as to optimize its production capacity.

Increasing its competitiveness in the European automotive market is certainly one of the prerogatives of the French car company, above all if we consider the growing development of the electric vehicle segment. Precisely for this reason, the new hypothesis on the creation of a new battery vehicle production center in the north of France could result in a truly important project for the company.

Renault's intention would be to combine three existing plants (Douai, Maubeuge and Ruitz) thus creating a new company with its own legal personality. In this regard, Autonews itself underlined how this scenario could pave the way for important talks with workers' representatives to discuss wages and working conditions in the plants. Not surprisingly, the new hub would be dedicated to the production of electric vehicles with a capacity of 400,000 units, a fundamental number that would represent a key point for the strategy of the CEO, Luca de Meo. The new production center would also serve to get to the green vehicle for less than 20,000 euros that De Meo has announced that it intends to build in a short time.

By increasing production processes, Renault would be making its contribution to preserving jobs and accelerating the development of electric vehicle technology in France. Let's not forget that with a recent announcement, the CEO of the automaker announced that the company will become the greenest car brand in Europe by 2030, promising that 90% of the cars in production will be equipped with an electric powertrain. Within the next decade, Renault will also strive to be the best producer in the world for the percentage of recycled materials in vehicles.

Inevitably, to better understand all the details relating to this project, it will be necessary to wait for the official announcement. According to the latest rumors, the project should be officially announced in these days.

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