Noctua NH-P1, the long awaited fanless cooler now available

Noctua NH-P1, the long awaited fanless cooler now available

Noctua NH-P1

We have talked to you on several occasions about Noctua's first fanless cooler, called NH-P1 and initially shown at Computex 2019, and we have known for some time that its launch was now imminent. Apparently, those who want to make their system as quiet as possible won't have to wait any longer, as the Noctua NH-P1 cooler is available on Amazon for € 109.90. Thanks to its six heatpipes and thick, wide fins, the device allows for completely fanless operation in the presence of good natural convection. For even better performance, you can combine a single 120mm ultra-quiet low speed fan, such as the NF-A12x25 LS-PWM.

Noctua NH-P1 is 158mm high, 154mm wide and 152mm wide. in depth and a weight of 1.180Kg. The product features an asymmetrical layout so as not to annoy any graphics cards installed in the first PCIe x16 slot placed directly under the CPU on ATX and micro ATX motherboards. Furthermore, this also allows not cluttering the RAM slots of motherboards based on Intel LGA 1200, LGA115x and AMD AM4 socket, ensuring easy access to the modules and full compatibility even with models equipped with rather generous heatsinks.

Using a fanless heatsink not only offers undoubted advantages from the point of view of noise, but, relying only on natural convection, less dust will accumulate in the filters or directly inside the system. Not to mention the fact that performance will always be optimal, as there will be no fan that could break at any moment.

Despite undoubtedly high-level performance, in pure Noctua tradition, NH-P1 is not suitable for CPUs that are particularly expensive in terms of TDP or for overclocking, but is recommended for use in fanless cases with good natural convection, chassis with quiet fans or open benchtable workstations. If you have different needs, we recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best CPU coolers.

Noctua NH-P1 is already available on Amazon for € 109.90!

Sit back, relax, and chill to Noctua's utterly ASMR passive PC build vid

Around here we appreciate a good, quiet PC build, and what better way to learn about how to build one than with Noctua's wonderfully relaxing video on the subject, which explains how best to prepare your PC for its brand new NH-P1 cooler.

There's lots of solid information in the video for any passive PC, from choosing a compatible CPU to a fanless PSU. It also outlines what makes for a good passively-cooled PC case, and explains how best to approach the thermal challenge of picking the best graphics card for the job.

Everything you'll need to know to build a zen PC.

If you prefer the utter silence of reading, you can also read up on Noctua's guidelines in text form.

The NH-P1 is Noctua's latest cooler design, and a highly-anticipated model at that. That's because it's built to be used without any fans for truly passive PC builds. It can be paired up with an impressive range of moderately-powered CPUs, says Noctua, but if you want to head into high-performance territory then you may want to consider the optional low-speed fan for that little extra airflow.

The passive NH-P1 is available worldwide starting today for $110/€110, while the optional fan, the NF-A12x25 LS-PWM, is another $30/€30.