Huawei P50, Qualcomm would have prepared an unreleased ad-hoc chip

Huawei P50, Qualcomm would have prepared an unreleased ad-hoc chip

Huawei P50

At the end of the launch event of the first devices equipped with the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, Huawei showed a small teaser in which the design of the photographic sector of one of the models of the P50 range was officially unveiled.

The company has said that it is now very close to the official launch and some new rumors seem to indicate how the brand may have collaborated with Qualcomm for the creation of a very special chip.

The most recent news regarding the technical specifications of Huawei smartphones P50 seemed to confirm the presence of a Kirin 9000 SoC in the 4G version under the body. Apparently, however, the brand hit hard by the US ban may have to rely on a chip produced by Qualcomm for some of the models, due to the low availability of proprietary processors.

According to MyFixGuide, source of the indiscretion , Qualcomm would have developed a special version of its top-of-the-range chip. The SoC should be called Snapdragon 888 Pro and would have been produced both in the 4G version and in the 5G variant that everyone now expects. Compared to the classic Snapdragon 888 that we know very well by now, the Pro variant should have a higher frequency: 3.0GHz peak is expected instead of the canonical 2.84GHz.

Huawei would therefore have decided to rely on this platform for the development of some models of its new top-of-the-range family. One or more of the Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro + could therefore be fitted with the new chip. A Snapdragon 888 Pro 4G would allow Huawei and Qualcomm to circumvent the commercial ban, which bans the supply of US-based 5G chips to the Chinese company.

There is still no confirmation that this chip really exists and that Huawei is one of Qualcomm's customers, however, it would make the situation much more interesting.

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Huawei P50 Pro launch tipped for late July in new leak

a screenshot of a cellphone: Huawei P50 Pro Release Date © Provided by BGR Huawei P50 Pro Release Date

Huawei unveiled its new version of Android during a digital event in June. HarmonyOS will be compatible with a large number of existing Huawei products, and while it doesn’t appear to be anything other than an Android fork, it’s the operating system Huawei will use on its devices to replace Google’s AOSP Android. Neither will run Google apps, as Huawei is still on the US entity list, preventing it from doing business with US companies.

Huawei addressed the US ban at the same show, where it teased the new Huawei P50 series. We expected the flagship phone to have been launched in stores by now, but Huawei admitted that it has struggled to bring the device to market. Huawei seemed determined to launch the P50 Pro, and a new leak from China indicates a potential release date for Huawei’s first flagship of the year.

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“For reasons you are all aware of, a launch date has not yet been set,” Huawei CEO Richard Yu said on stage. “But we are trying to figure out how to make this great product available to you.”

“It’s a sheer beauty with an ultra-thin and lightweight design and an iconic design language,” the exec said. “It lifts mobile photography to a new level,” Yu added, as Huawei showed off the phone’s partial design, visible in the image above.

Huawei practically confirmed that the P50 design leaks from earlier this year were accurate. The P50 will feature two massive camera modules on the back and will ship with Leica branding. Word on the street is the P50 will be the last Huawei phone to feature Leica’s name on the back, as the camera maker unveiled its own Android phone earlier this month.

While Huawei did not provide any details about the specifications of the hardware or any insight about a potential launch date, PhoneArena picked up a report from Weibo that offers a possible release date.

A user posted a binary number on the social media site. That number translates to 729 when converted to decimal, which can be interpreted as 7/29. If the leak is accurate, Huawei might announce the device on that date or make it available to buyers then.

A late July launch for the P50 would give Huawei a small advantage over Samsung and Apple, each of which will unveil their flagships in August and September, respectively. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 should be unveiled in early August and hit stores a few weeks later. The iPhone 13’s announcement event is expected in mid-September, with the new phones to ship to consumers by the end of the month.

But a P50 Pro with significantly improved cameras might not matter as much in international markets. The phone would still launch without Google apps on board, which is a  dealbreaker for Android users who are deeply entrenched in Google’s ecosystem. The P50 series might have a better fate in China, where Google apps aren’t available to buyers. Even so, Huawei’s US ban isn’t just causing software problems. The Chinese phone maker is also struggling to secure high-end chips that would give the P50 a chance to compete with Samsung and Apple.

Android buyers in Europe and other markets looking to try a phone that looks something like the P50 Pro might try Honor’s 50 series. These are mid-range phones that come with a camera design reminiscent of the P50 Pro. They also support Google apps, as Honor is a now separate entity from Huawei.