Dragon Age 4: Demo may be imminent

Dragon Age 4: Demo may be imminent

Dragon Age 4

As had already been widely estimated, Electronic Arts was not present during the last E3 2021 which ended a few days ago. Aside from the new Battlefield 2042, announced in full E3 period and also appearing within the Xbox digital conference, we haven't had any other EA announcements. For those you need to wait until July 22, when a new EA Play event kicks off, and according to a new clue found online, one of the probable protagonists could be the expected Dragon Age 4.

To reveal the possible return of Dragon Age 4 was the Twitter account known as 'PlayStation Game Size', which claims to have found a mention of an alpha version of the next Bioware RPG in the PlayStation Network database. As pointed out by the same user in his post, that version of the title has not yet been added to the PSN database, but it is likely that some sort of demo could really be on the way.

If all should be confirmed, it is possible that the announcement will arrive in conjunction with the next EA Play expected for next 22 July. For sure it would be an important opportunity to see the next chapter of the Dragon Age saga in action, and who knows, maybe we are really close to trying an alpha version of the next great work coming up and currently in development at Bioware's forges. .

🚨 Looks Like EA Release A Alpha Version From Dragon Age IV in July (Before EA Play Event) 🤔

🟪 #DragonAge pic.twitter.com/VdvcgiLyi3

- PlayStation Game Size (@PlaystationSize) June 22, 2021

To date we can do nothing but keep the amtenne straightened to capture possible developments on the situation. Years after the first announcement we could really be there, 2021 could be the right year to start seeing something much more concrete about the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4.

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Dragon Age 4 alpha file discovered on the PlayStation Store

a woman sitting on a horse: Dragon Age 4 © Provided by GamesRadar Dragon Age 4

A Dragon Age 4 related Alpha file has been discovered on the PlayStation Store database.

Just yesterday on June 22, a Twitter account called PlayStation Game Size, which trawls the PlayStation Store database searching for new listings, uncovered a file relating to Dragon Age 4. As you can see from the tweet, this file is apparently launching at some point in July, and is allegedly related to an alpha test of the upcoming game.

Don't assume that this means Dragon Age 4 is getting a public alpha test, however. Instead, take it as a strong sign that the upcoming RPG from BioWare will be present at the EA Play showcase later next month, which is actually taking place on July 22 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET/6 p.m. BST.

Additionally, the listing itself gives an indicator as to the stage of development that Dragon Age 4 might be at. It's been a fair few years since the sequel was first announced, of course, but it's nonetheless a positive sign that BioWare's next game could be entering the alpha phase of development as early as next month.

Over the last few years, there have been stories of Dragon Age 4 changing course in development. At one point, live-service elements of the game were reportedly entirely scrapped, after BioWare's online shooter Anthem completely flopped (and was later cancelled during a planned reboot). It's fair to say that fans have been concerned over the state of the game, amid reports of reboots and departures of key developers.

Back in 2019, EA estimated that Dragon Age 4 would likely be launching in 2022, or possibly later. Since then, the game's executive producer and BioWare's general manager both departed the studio late last year in December 2020, but despite being forced to work entirely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, BioWare staffed reassured fans last year that they were 'making progress' on the sequel. Here's hoping for some good news about the long-awaited sequel at the EA Play event next month on July 22.

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