Cisco also invests in distance learning

Cisco also invests in distance learning

The purchasing campaign of the Californian company continues: the target is Involvio, a distance learning company, to be integrated with Webex

Source: Amazon Aws "A new hybrid world in which to be able to collaborate and stay connected is more important than ever ”: this is the vision of the future according to Cisco, the Californian IT multinational that announced the acquisition of Involvio, a company that designs products for online education. This was explained by Javed Khan, vice president and general manager of Cisco Collaboration, the unit that includes the Webex services portfolio, ready to be integrated with the features guaranteed by the New York software house, which allow universities to improve the experience. , student involvement and participation.

“We plan to complete the acquisition and welcome the Involvio team to Cisco during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 - says Khan -. In recent months, we have seen that hybrid learning is an effective way to connect teachers, students and parents ". The Involvio team assisted Cisco in designing the Webex education connector, a solution that integrates the platform's collaboration capabilities into learning management systems. The mutual understanding between the two companies is already at an advanced stage: Inolvio was one of the first companies to adopt Webex APIs and open software development kits.

Cisco recently announced several acquisitions to integrate additional vertical solutions into the “hybrid future” of work, collaboration and events. The technology of Socio Labs (United States) and Slido (Slovakia), for example, will be able to push the Webex Events platform beyond meetings, webinars and webcasts and manage large conferences and hybrid and multi-session events, allowing live streaming, sponsorships , creation of lasting relationships between participants and detailed analysis, as well as participant engagement, gamification strategies, surveys, question and answer sessions, chat and translation in real time. In addition, in September Cisco acquired Babblelabs (United States), an artificial intelligence company for speech recognition, and Imimobile (United Kingdom), a company that makes cloud communication software.

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