Bungie: What are Destiny developers currently working on?

Bungie: What are Destiny developers currently working on?


It has been known for some time that Bungie is not only working on additional content for the online shooter Destiny 2, but is also working on at least one secret project. There have already been some rumors and speculations about this, but an official announcement is still pending. This has not changed to this day, but at least another hint has emerged that is sure to make one sit up and take notice.

This hint can be found in a current job advertisement from Bungie. Accordingly, the team is currently looking for an "Incubation Sandbox Designer", who should participate in an unspecified "multiplayer action game". Apparently, this is not an offshoot of an already known brand, but a completely new franchise. Also interesting is the mention of "character-focused action games". In addition, the sought-after employee should have experience in e-sports or in "competitive gaming".

Recommended editorial content At this point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I agree that external content can be displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. All of this suggests that Bungie is actually working on an action game with a strong focus on the multiplayer aspect. Just a few weeks ago we reported that there were increasing signs of a PvP-focused game. So far, however, both a statement and a confirmation of the current rumors on the part of the developer studio is pending. With the appropriate caution, you should at least enjoy the whole thing for the time being. We will of course keep you up to date.

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Challenge XP Clarification

We’ve noticed some confusion around Seasonal Challenge XP payouts this Season and wanted to clear up some miscommunications on our part. 

First, there was a bug last Season where players who had earned XP bonuses from Season 12’s Season Pass did not have these bonuses reset at the start of Season 13. This carry-over resulted in Season 13 Challenges paying out much greater XP than intended. Rather than opt to fix the bug midseason, we decided to leave it in place and let players continue to benefit from it. We mistakenly did not acknowledge this bug during Season 13, and we missed it in the 3.2.0 patch notes for Season 14. 

The change we did call out in the 3.2.0 patch notes was the addition of a new XP payout size for Seasonal Challenges, called “Extra Large XP.” This payout is comparable to the amount of XP needed to earn half a Season Pass rank with a 'Well-Rested' XP bonus.  

With the addition of these Extra Large XP payouts, we also changed the overall naming convention. The reason we moved to this new naming convention was to better highlight that the XP payouts from challenges were larger than from other bounties and activities that show XP as a reward. We did not clearly explain this change, nor was the new naming convention easy to understand. These name changes led to confusion as players began tackling their Week 1 challenges. We understand and agree that the Season 14 name changes are confusing, and the team is looking to update the names for clarity in a future patch. For the time being, here is a quick look at how Seasonal Challenge XP payouts have been updated. 

Season 13Season 14Base Payout SizeBase Payout Size(Well-Rested)Extra Large XP0.25 Ranks0.5 RanksXPX2 Extra Large XP0.5 Ranks1.0 RanksDouble XPX4 Extra Large XP1.0 Ranks2.0 Ranks4x XPX8 Extra Large XP2.0 Ranks4.0 Ranks

[EDITOR’S NOTE 5/21/21 – For clarity, we have added a new column to the above table to differentiate between base payout size (when no additional XP bonuses are in place) and payout sizes with the “Well-Rested” XP bonus. Additional XP buffs can also cause further increases in XP payouts.] 

Seasonal Challenges are still your go-to resource for consistent XP.  Players who complete all Seasonal Challenges and make use of the “Well-Rested” bonus will still exceed level 100 in the Season Pass. We know XP in Destiny 2 can be confusing - sometimes to the point that we miss things ourselves.

We apologize for the confusion with these changes. All in all, between the shifts to the Seasonal Challenge XP payouts and the XP bonus bug fix, we expect players to earn XP and progress through the Season Pass at a similar rate as they did in Season 12. We will keep an eye on the data and your feedback and let you know if we need to make any changes this Season or in Season 15.