Battlefield 4 stormed after Battlefield 2042 reveal, servers upgraded

Battlefield 4 stormed after Battlefield 2042 reveal, servers upgraded

Battlefield 4 stormed after Battlefield 2042 reveal

Battlefield 4 was stormed after the reveal of Battlefield 2042, and so Electronic Arts was forced to upgrade the game's servers to withstand the unexpected load of users.

Presented at E3 2021, In short, Battlefield 2042 has substantially relaunched the interest in the series, and waiting to get their hands on the new episode, the players have dusted off the multiplayer of the fourth chapter.

"We were really impressed by yours enthusiasm and reactions towards the reveal of Battlefield 2042, "wrote EA community manager, Straatford, in communicating that the capacity of the Battlefield 4 servers would be increased to cope with longer queues than usual.

"Since then many of you have returned to playing Battlefield 4 to re-experience the warfare experience offered by the game. By monitoring your activity, we noticed that waiting times in the US were short Ungati more than usual, so we increased server capacity to reduce time. "

This increase in traffic has been documented on SteamDB since the beginning of the month, peaking nearly 12,000 concurrent players on servers. of Battlefield 4 on June 13.

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Sudden Battlefield 4 popularity surge after 2042 reveal has EA increasing server capacity

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Battlefield 2042 was finally unveiled earlier this month showcasing the massive 128-player arenas and their game altering natural disasters. While the game is months away from launch, many fans looking to get their dose of a modern era-set Battlefield have now turned their attention to the 2013-released Battlefield 4.

EA Community Manager Straatford confirmed the sudden surge in popularity in the official EA help forums. 'We were absolutely blown away by your excitement and reactions to the recent Battlefield 2042 reveal,' the representative said. 'Since then, many of you have jumped back into Battlefield 4 to already get a taste of the return to all-out-warfare.' The ongoing Battlefield 4 giveaway for Amazon Prime members should also be lending a hand to the spike.

With the classic game's servers getting hammered, EA has now increased server capacity to remedy the congestion. Specifically, those queuing for servers in US West region should see much lower waiting times before getting in.

'We’ll continue monitoring queue times and will make further adjustments as necessary,' Straatford added.

Thankfully for these excited fans, the wait for Battlefield 2042 isn't an awfully long one. The game comes out on October 22 across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.