Acea Energia's new commitment to the environment

Acea Energia's new commitment to the environment

The new offer of electricity and gas with zero impact on the environment affirms Ace Energia's commitment to sustainability. A communication campaign with Frank Matano and Emanuela Fanelli kicks off from 8 June

(Sean Gallup / Getty Images) Acea Energia renews itself thanks to a green turning point that commits the company to protecting the environment, reducing of carbon dioxide emissions and facilitate the energy transition. In fact, the Acea Group sales company has made its commodities zero-impact. 100% Green light produced exclusively from renewable sources and certified with a guarantee of origin and 0% CO 2 gas with offsetting carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the purchase of certified carbon credits. The carbon credits initiative makes it possible, thanks to subsidies from international projects, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and to contribute to the achievement of the main sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations.

Acea Energia's sustainable choice is told with a communication campaign, starting from 8 June, which includes more than 1,300 radio spots as well as releases in newspapers, television advertising and a video strategy on digital with over 27 million views, as well as 1,800 billposting systems e. The campaign sees the participation, as testimonials, of Frank Matano and Emanuela Fanelli, who will ironically tell how easy it is to respect the environment.

Acea Energia's commitment to sustainability also continues with the launch of a competition named U na win that will make Eco, with two 100% electric Fiat 500 Passion Cabrios up for grabs.

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