PlayStation 5 will be pushed to the limit by Bluepoint Games

PlayStation 5 will be pushed to the limit by Bluepoint Games

The rumors about the next projects in development at PlayStation do not stop. On the other hand, the next generation console of the Japanese giant came out with a heavy silence on some of the most important titles such as the next chapter of the God of War reboot and the postponement of many games actually expected for this year, leaving thus free the world to speculate on any new titles not yet announced. Today it's up to Bluepoint Games, thanks to an indiscretion found on the LinkedIn profile of Peter Dalton, CTO of the software house.

For those unfamiliar with it (difficult, actually, given the popularity gained over the years) Bluepoint Games is become ever closer to the PlayStation brand thanks to remake / remastered: last in chronological order Demon's Souls, which debuted precisely for the new Sony platform. The future is obviously still to be written but Dalton himself has given us a very clear indication of where they want to arrive, that is a title capable of pushing the new gaming machine to the maximum.

Clarified that the team is back to work for another PlayStation 5 game, you just have to figure out which one. Obviously not simple information, considering that there is strict confidentiality but the rumors of the last few weeks could come to our aid. Especially the one related to Castlevania, which we reported yesterday: the historic IP of Konami, if it were to return exclusively to Sony, it could be in the hands of Bluepoint Games. Without obviously forgetting also Metal Gear Solid, also at the center of some rumors and rumors that would like a remake of the first chapters.

As usual, our indications are always the same: Bluepoint Games is working on a new PlayStation 5 game but in this case we invite you to take all this information with a grain of salt. We do not actually know what the Texas software house is at work on. Of course, the invitation is always to stay tuned to geekinco, so as not to miss any updates on the situation.

Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5 is still available on Amazon: you can buy it by clicking here.