PlayStation 5 is the must-have 3D audio for horror games

PlayStation 5 is the must-have 3D audio for horror games

PlayStation 5 will welcome the new entry in the Resident Evil franchise next month. We are obviously talking about Resident Evil Village and on the occasion of the upcoming launch, Official PlayStation Magazine had the opportunity to interview Morimasa Sato, game director, who focused above all on the 3D audio of the new Sony home console.

According to the words of Morimasa Sato, the 3D audio of PlayStation 5 will be the basis of the next horror games. In other words? It will become practically indispensable and will play a favor in productions that aim to immerse players in the scariest games. According to Sato, in fact, in a title like Resident Evil Village where exploration is a fundamental pillar of design, 3D audio plays in favor of the developers, who are thus able to create an even more frightening gaming experience, simply by giving the feeling that there is always someone behind the view, a fundamental factor to be able to instill the feeling of fear in anyone who approaches a horror title in the first person.

The director has gone even deeper: Sato wanted to quote the first, unforgettable Resident Evil and the feelings of fear he had while playing the Capcom title. With Resident Evil Village he wants to recreate the same emotions he had at age 13, when he inserted the game CD on the first Sony home console, taking advantage of the new technologies made available by the evolution of consoles. "I can confidently say that the PlayStation 5 hardware is perfect for horror games," concluded Sato.

Resident Evil Village will debut on May 7, 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and PC. The title was preceded by a demo, with a second in the pipeline as evidenced by some files found in the backend of the PlayStation Network. It is not yet clear if players of other platforms will be able to try the title firsthand before the release but we will update you as soon as there is news about it.

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