Metal Gear Solid: the series could return, but not as you expect

Metal Gear Solid: the series could return, but not as you expect

Metal Gear Solid

The recent situation of Konami and its IPs does not leave many smiles on the faces of fans. This is due to a very radical change of course carried out over the years by the Japanese giant, which has preferred not to focus on its own flagship brands. It often happens, however, that the web is filled with insistent rumors about the return of a saga like that of Silent Hill but not only, given that today a new rumor emerges that seems to want to convince us of the return of Metal Gear Solid.

The last chapter released in the Metal Gear saga was the much discussed Survive, which came out a few years after the last effort made by Hideo Kojima: or Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. To date, the phantom pain continues to persist in the soul of the fans of this saga, which according to a new rumor could find new life in the near future. According to reports from ACG-Gaming, Konami would not want to leave one of its flagship sagas on hiatus and this could open up a return of Metal Gear.

The production mode could change, which the company would see Japanese based in Roppongi to license Metal Gear Solid IP to external development teams. The thing would be absolutely very intriguing, especially because it would allow a great return for the franchise. The source of this rumor also seems to be quite reliable, even more so if you think that it was able to predict in advance the postponements of Vampire Bloodlines 2 and the more recent Deathloop.

Metal Gear Solid 4 (2008) Obviously later this rumor the fans were unleashed in speculations on the future of the saga, with also possible links with the next title in development at Kojima Production which, according to the recent declarations of Yoji Shinkawa, will not be long in being presented. That the new game by Kojima and company will be a new Metal Gear Solid?

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10-Year Kojima Productions Veteran Composer Who Worked On Death Stranding And Metal Gear Solid Leaves

Veteran Kojima Productions composer Ludvig Forssell is leaving the company. He announced on Twitter that, after 10 years as an in-house composer and audio director for the Death Stranding studio, he's venturing out on his own to pursue freelance work.

'It's been a blast! Thanks, KJP!' he wrote. 'Now, I'm happy to tackle a variety of projects in all types of media.'

On his website, Forssell explains that he helped conceive the 'entire sound world' for Death Stranding. He previously was the lead composer on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

'Writing music for anything is never a given for me,' he said. 'The real fun part, the magic, is finding the solutions to these puzzles.'

Forssell's credits also include Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, P.T., and the Netflix's Ultraman.

As for Kojima Productions, the studio was formerly owned by Konami but now operates independently. It partnered with Sony for Death Stranding, but the company has no future games that have been announced yet.

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