Free PC Games: Steam gives away content for a particular war game

Free PC Games: Steam gives away content for a particular war game

Free PC Games

Yesterday was a great day dedicated to free PC games. Like any good Thursday, Epic Games has proposed three titles at no cost, currently redeemable through the Epic Games Store. As if that weren't enough, the American company has already announced that one of the best triple A survival horror will be given away next week. After this big binge, today Valve also wanted to give its users some content for a game.

The package that is added to the free games offered last night is Kards Anniversary Edition, a content full of many bonuses for the free-to-play developed by the guys at 1939 Games. In this free pack you will find the following: a pack of the basic set, an official pack of the loyalty set, an official pack of the breach set, 2 tickets to carry out the same number of Drafts and finally a special decorative back to celebrate the anniversary of the game and from apply to the cards already in your deck.

Kards Anniversary Edition is the card game about World War II that combines traditional collectible card game gameplay with innovative mechanics inspired by classic strategy and tactical field games of real battle. Players will need to take command and challenge each other in a new way to wage war on a large scale on land, in the air or at sea. You can redeem Kards Anniversary Edition for free by clicking on this address.

So, yet another week full of free games to redeem on the various digital shores is about to end. Between the hat-trick of titles given away by Epic Games, and this particular WWII card game, what was the free game you were most pleased to receive?

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Free Games: Here's What You Can Download Right Now

Everyone loves free stuff. Whether you do your gaming on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you can generally find some free games to download--though for the consoles you usually need a subscription service to grab 'em. (Switch owners can play retro games at no extra cost if they subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online). The only problem is, it can be tough to keep track of what free games are available at any given time.We thought we'd make it easy on you. Whenever there's a free game to download at one of the major online storefronts, we'll highlight it below. All you have to do is check back often to make sure you get the free games you so richly deserve.Free PlayStation GamesAs part of Sony's Play At Home initiative, everyone (even those without PS Plus) can grab a copy of the PS4 game Ratchet & Clank for free. It's yours to keep, as long as you add it to your library before March 31. Also available through April 22 are a whole batch of other games, some of which require a PSVR headset to play.Free PlayStation Plus Games April 2021

1 Year PlayStation Plus

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See on Daily StealsEach month PlayStation Plus subscribers get a batch of new games they can keep and play for as long as they're a PS Plus member (see it on Amazon). The only catch is that you have to add the games to your account each month, or you'll lose out on the opportunity. See above for this month's selection of freebies for PS4 and PS5 owners.Free PC GamesAnyone with a gaming PC has the best chance to score free games. I don't know why, but PC games get handed out like candy. Not that I'm complaining.Free at Epic Games StoreFor years and years, Steam seemed unstoppable. It was the storefront for PC games. How could any company possibly compete with such an entrenched powerhouse? Turns out the answer is: by offering tons of high-quality games for free.

Anyone with an Epic Games Store account can download at least one free game each week from the online retailer. It's a heck of a perk, and one you should take advantage of on a weekly basis if you like free games. And who doesn't?

Other Free PC GamesEpic Games Store isn't the only online game distributor in the 'giving away PC games'... er, game. Above is a list of others you can snag if you haven't yet.Free Xbox Games with Gold


3-Month Game Pass Ultimate

Get 3-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1. New members only.

See on MicrosoftAnyone who wants to save money should check out our rundown on how to get a cheap Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

If you're an Xbox Live Gold member (or if you have Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold), you get free games each month you can download and play for as long as you're a member. This month's selection is listed above. But, like the free games with PS Plus, you have to add them to your account the month they're available, or you'll miss the opportunity to have those games.

Free Games with Nintendo Switch OnlineFree Switch games are harder to come by. In fact, they almost never happen, unless you count the NES and SNES games Nintendo Switch Online subscribers have access to. That said, no really exciting games have been added in a while, so it's not as compelling as the similar services for PlayStation and Xbox. That said, NSO costs less, so at least that's something.Free Games from Amazon Prime Gaming

Free Games and DLC with Prime

Get a new batch of free PC games each month, plus DLC for popular titles.


See on AmazonAmazon Prime members get a batch of free PC games each month. Granted, you need to sign up for Prime, which costs money, but if you're already a member for the free shipping or Prime Video, you might as well take advantage of the free games each month.

In addition to free PC games each month, Prime members also get in-game items in all kinds of titles, ranging from Destiny 2 and League of Legends to Red Dead Online and Star Wars Squadrons.

Unless you're really into indie titles, t's probably not worth signing up for Prime just to get the free games. Prime's free PC games don't tend to be as big or well-known as the ones Epic Games Store doles out for free. But if you're already a Prime member for the many other benefits, there's no reason not to take a look at what's on offer each month.

If you don't have a gaming PC, or you also have a console, you can check out our best PlayStation deals, best Xbox deals, and best Nintendo Switch deals as well. We keep those articles updated with all the best deals on games, consoles, accessories, and more.

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