GTA Online and Red Dead Online: Rockstar is looking for anti-cheat experts for its games

GTA Online and Red Dead Online: Rockstar is looking for anti-cheat experts for its games

GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Over the last few hours, new Rockstar Games job advertisements have popped up online, which leave very little room for the direction that the software house responsible for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online wants to take with its present and future products. br>
The section relating to job advertisements has in fact been updated on the company's official portal and among the required figures we also find a Senior Cheat Software Analyst and an Associate Cheat Operations Analyst. With the hiring of these figures, Rockstar Games not only wants to improve the security of the company and its employees (perhaps what happened recently to CD Projekt RED and its Cyberpunk 2077 has alerted more than one developer around the world) but it also aims to make online experiences safer. These experts will in fact have to analyze the game code and identify any type of trick used by the players, so as to immediately remedy the cheaters and make the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone.

In short, the will to strengthen this aspect of the productions leaves little doubt that Rockstar wants to focus heavily on online multiplayer games. After all, the incredible success of GTA Online, which is still alive years after its debut, can only push the software house to want to repeat everything with a hypothetical GTA 6.

Red Dead Online’s weekly update ups rewards on Land of Opportunities missions

It’s Tuesday in the great Wild West of Red Dead Online, which means it’s weekly reset day. Cowpokes typically mull around to see what’s new earlier on in the day as that’s when the update goes live, but Rockstar Games has since provided an official rundown we can go off.

This week there’s a swift buck to be made doing A Land of Opportunities and telegram missions. Rockstar says that rewards on both have been doubled, so it’s a decent time to make some cash. A Land of Opportunities is a series of story-based co-op missions that are multi-part and can be played by up to four players. You’re brought in to help a recent widow, Jessica LeClerk, and her partner Horley find the man who murdered her husband. Telegram missions are a more straightforward affair and are reminiscent of mobile phone missions you get in GTA Online.

If you’re looking for other ways to rack up dosh, though, you can also do some races. All of them are offering double rewards, too, so it’s a decent option if you fancy going head to head against someone else.

If you’d like to see the list in full, you can find them on Rockstar’s newswire.

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