SpellTable, a new way to play Magic remotely

SpellTable, a new way to play Magic remotely


SpellTable is the new online platform created by Wizards of the Coast to help people stream non-digital events dedicated to Magic The Gathering, all thanks to a simple webcam or smartphone camera.

Thought mainly for all stores in the sector and still in beta phase, the new platform will allow, according to the manufacturer, to keep the community of "live" players of Magic The Gathering alive, given that, due to the pandemic, freeze all events, with many players moving to Magic Arena, the alternative and digital counterpart to the popular trading card game.

In order to use SpellTable, simply place your webcam or smartphone camera on the game space , by doing so you can play remotely. But the main features that make this platform better than others are first and foremost the integrated card identification software (with a database of over 17,000 copies within it), followed by the ability to support different video layouts for multiplayer games; moreover you have the possibility to keep track of life points, turns and game time.

Another requirement, in addition to the aforementioned webcam (with a resolution of at least 1280 × 720) or as an alternative to a smartphone , is to have an updated browser based on Chrome to be able to broadcast the games live. At the moment, SpellTable supports up to four players at the same time and also includes an integrated voice chat system still in the early stages of development (for this reason in the FAQ it is suggested to use third party software such as Discord for audio).

If you are intrigued by this new platform, you can visit the official website by simply clicking on this link.

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