Star Comics changes prices from January 2023

Star Comics changes prices from January 2023

Paper is increasingly becoming an expensive material, given the difficulty of finding it. Inevitably, among the many effects that this entails, there is also the increase in prices of the press. Star Comics has recently let its readers know that from next year it will be forced to increase the price of its volumes. Here's how much they will cost from 2023 .

Star Comics

Star Comics, prices increased for its volumes from January 2023

In the last two years Star Comics, as well as other national and international realities, is experiencing numerous difficulties in obtaining paper and at the same time significant increases linked to supply and production costs, due to the increase in the price of energy. Throughout 2022 Star Comics kept the prices of the publications unchanged, despite the weight deriving from these dynamics showing no signs of decreasing.

Recently, Star Comics launched a press release in which it communicates that the difficulties resulting from the energy crisis and raw materials are no longer sustainable. For this reason, reluctantly, it was necessary to apply a price increase on the new manga starting from January 2023.

Back issues belonging to the Star catalog will instead undergo a progressive price change in the following months in January, starting with Best Seller titles (regular updates will be released). A label will be applied to them to indicate the new price. The labels, made with a special polymer, can be detached after purchase without leaving any halo or glue residue on the covers of the volumes.

Star Comics also informs that the new prices will be in line with those of the current market and that these will be standardized based on the technical characteristics of the volumes, with some exceptions.

Below is the list of formats with the relative new prices effective from January 2023:

Format 11.5×17.5, B, without dust jacket and without flaps: € 5.20 Format 11.5×17.5 , B, with flaps: €5.50 Format 11.5×17.5, B, with dust jacket: €5.90 Format 12.8×18, B, with dust jacket: €6.50 Format 14.5×21 , B, with dust jacket: € 7.50 (luxury editions are not included in this range) To check the new relative prices for January and February releases, you can visit, which is already updated. The new prices, currently relating only to the months of January and February, will soon be visible in the online stores.