Metal Gear Solid Remake confirmed by… Fortnite?

Metal Gear Solid Remake confirmed by… Fortnite?

For several months there has been talk of a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid. Usually we talk about rumors, rumors, which have never found real confirmation. But now, according to some fans, the remake of the game may have been "official" by Fortnite, the battle royale from Epic Games.

No, we're not kidding. In the Fortnite season 4 trailer, many are convinced that they have glimpsed Gray Fox, clearly obscured to avoid spoilers. “Gamers think they saw Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid in the trailer. The graphic pattern is definitely that”, reads a HYPEX tweet launched in the last few hours.

There are several reasons why this particular sighting has led to a series of speculations, but the most important is precisely a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid. In fact, there would be no reason to include a character in the Battle Royale except as promotional material. Clearly, at the moment everything is only a hypothesis, but the color scheme of the suit of the mysterious character could leave no room for misunderstandings: that character would really be Gray Fox.

People are seeing Gray Fox from Metal Gear in the trailer, thoughts?? Definitely looks like the same colors pattern..

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 4, 2022

At the moment it is impossible to know if Gray Fox really will be included in Fortnite, however our advice is not to believe too much in the Metal Gear Solid remake theory . Although Konami has worked on some surprises in the past that have pleasantly impressed us, such as the revival of the Silent Hill series, the truth is that it is quite unlikely that at the moment Japanese studios are working on a remake of Hideo Kojima's first game for PS1 . If indeed that character is Gray Fox, it is very likely that Konami has entered into a partnership with Epic Games for the addition to the roster. In short, as usual, we invite you to take this news with a grain of salt and wait for the classic official press releases.

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