Goose Goose Duck is almost a copy of Among Us, even in success

Goose Goose Duck is almost a copy of Among Us, even in success

Goose Goose Duck is almost a copy of Among Us

Not everyone knows or remembers it, but Among Us did not immediately achieve the great success we all know. In fact, its rediscovery took place through the cracks of the headset during 2020, thanks to the global pandemic that forced us all into the house. Goose Goose Duck , a free-to-play video game that is very reminiscent of it in its dynamics, is having a very similar experience in its entirety.

Released last year, Goose Goose Duck went totally unnoticed in the eyes of the general public, starting its climb towards popularity only after some time, starting this November. Going beyond the fact that it looks a lot like Among Us structurally, this video game seems to follow it along the road to success as well.

The main reason behind the take-off of Among Us (in recent months there has also been talk of a VR version of it) can be traced to some Korean streamers who at the time began to play it, increasing its visibility. The same thing is happening with Goose, with Kim Tae-hyung of Korean boy band BTS streaming it. From both an aesthetic and structural point of view, it is a game almost identical to the more famous US, which was also reaffirmed in its introductory description: "simply Among Us except for the fact that you are a duck".

The history of this genre of video games could serve as a warning and example to all those intending to develop new ones. Apparently the keystone is always the streamers and their followers. The cancellation of works such as Among Us was saved by a turning point of this kind, which should not be underestimated at all in the current videogame panorama.

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