Allianz Lithium, the insurance dedicated to electric cars

Allianz Lithium, the insurance dedicated to electric cars

Allianz Lithium

It was only a matter of time before insurance companies began to offer specific policies for electric cars: Allianz Lithium is one of the first, if not the very first, policy dedicated to cars powered by lithium batteries – since here the name – and it is designed to meet the needs and peculiarities of customers who drive an electric car.

Allianz states that the high technological rate present in electric cars inevitably leads to a different driving style , and in the same way also the maintenance and repair interventions are very different compared to endothermic cars, while on the other hand on an endothermic car there is not a component as expensive as the battery on electric cars - all these aspects have been considered to create Allianz Lithium, let's find out some of the particularities of this policy.

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One of the main fears related to electric cars is undoubtedly the autonomy and the possibility of remaining stranded: in these cases Allianz Lithium provides for the exit of a specific rescue vehicle for electric vehicles capable of providing fast charging on site, or possibly a tow truck that will take the car to the nearest fast charging station. In the event of breakdowns, however, you can request that the car be taken to an authorized workshop of the manufacturer in question, rather than to the nearest mechanic.

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