Disney Plus introduces ad-supported subscriptions in the United States

Disney Plus introduces ad-supported subscriptions in the United States

From today Disney Plus has introduced subscriptions with advertising: the most expensive will arrive at $ 69.99 per month. The new offers will introduce four minutes of ads per hour, divided into fifteen- and thirty-second spots, but will otherwise be the same as similar ads-free offers.

Disney Plus introduces ad-supported subscriptions in the US

Let's immediately reassure our readers: the innovation introduced concerns only the United States ; at the moment there is no news on the possibility that this decision will be replicated in Italy.

Overseas residents, on the other hand, starting today, will have at their disposal four additional subscription bands which will include commercials: Disney+ Basic, Disney Bundle Duo Basic, Disney Bundle Trio Basic, and Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV.

Disney+ Basic is the cheapest option and will offer subscribers Disney+ with ads for just $7.99 a month. The Duo Basic and Trio Basic bundles are a bit more expensive (at $9.99/month or $12.99/month, respectively), but should save US subscribers money by combining Disney+ (with ads) with Hulu (with ads) and ESPN+ (with ads). Finally, the latest offer allows you to have Disney+, Hulu (with advertising) and Live TV for $69.99.

Michael Paull, president of Disney Direct to Consumer, expressed himself as follows on the innovations introduced:

Today's launch marks a milestone moment for Disney+ and puts consumer choice at the forefront. With these new ad-supported offerings, we are able to offer greater flexibility for consumers to enjoy the full breadth and depth of The Walt Disney Company's incredible storytelling.

Rita Ferro, President of Disney Advertising, added:

Today, we welcome Disney+ with advertising across the industry's largest, most diverse and impactful portfolio. Stream now and in the future.

Disney+ has confirmed that the new ad-supported offerings will include the same catalog of content and key features as the product that current subscribers are currently receiving with the Disney+ Premium plan. Like Disney+ Premium subscribers, Disney+ Basic subscribers will be able to create up to seven profiles per account, with the ability to set profile PINs and content ratings per profile via Parental Controls. They will also be able to stream to up to four supported devices simultaneously in high-quality video formats. The only difference between the two levels is that Disney+ Basic members will have to watch four minutes of ads per hour, divided into 15- and 30-second spots.